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Visualise your portfolio with Sharesight and Simply Wall St

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | Sep 27th 2016

We’re happy to announce that fellow fintech Simply Wall St has integrated with Sharesight.

This means that Simply Wall St customers can import their Sharesight portfolios into Simply Wall St in just a few clicks.

Simply Wall St. + Sharesight - featured

Simply Wall St provides a web and mobile application that helps people become better investors. Their stunning visual presentation of listed company data (and now your entire portfolio) are designed to help investors formulate investment decisions from complex financial information.

Simply Wall St. - Hero

In addition to analyst ratios and key balance sheet data, investors love their “snowflake” chart, which graphically demonstrates a company’s style. That is, whether the company is undervalued, yields meaningful dividends, or the strength of their underlying financials.

Simply Wall St. - Screenshot

Simply Wall St is applicable to self-directed and professional investors (especially to use with their clients). Give it a try and make sure to integrate your Sharesight portfolio to eliminate the setup work!

If you’re a developer or involved in fintech, this is another great example of what’s possible with the Sharesight API. Get in touch today to get access!