What’s in a logo?

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | Oct 8th 2013

Accountants and financial advisers probably noticed the extensive face-lift we’ve given to Sharesight's professional plan. We plan on doing the same design improvements on the Retail side of the house too. We wanted to build a clean new look, while still explaining all the time and money we save our professional users. New visitors will find a lot more information about what we do and the problems we solve.

Sharesight's professional plan

Along with the site refresh, we released a new Sharesight's professional plan logo. We think the clean lines, black, white, and grey colour scheme convey a professional, clean, and crisp feel.

featured - Sharesight's professional plan

Choosing a logo is not easy. Trust me. We’re a small, yet highly opinionated group at Sharesight. Our employees hail from New Zealand, Australia, the US, Italy, Germany, and the UK so you can bet we get input from all perspectives. But we all agree on the importance of good design. Dealing with investment accounting can be complex, and we want to make using Sharesight and conveying this information to your clients easy.

Sharesight's professional plan

Corporate logos tend to be self-fulfilling. In other words, our assessment of the company and its product shapes our opinion of their logo in retrospect. But you have to admire the amount of resources and foresight that do go into shaping the images of some of the world’s biggest brands.

Take FedEx, for example. Ever notice the directional arrow hidden in the text? How about Amazon? Yes, the smile is obvious, but did you pick up how it indicates they sell everything from A to Z? The casualness of their logo also translates well to the casual, usability of their site. Ever wonder why the Apple logo is so appealing? Sure, the Isaac Newton reference is cute, but some say it uses the famous Fibonacci sequence in the angles of the bite out of the apple, the stem, and the dimple at the bottom. Even Google, with their goofy colours, playful name, and clean search engine serves as a clever juxtaposition to their enormous advertising business.

Now, we’ve got a long way to go before being recognised on the level of the above brands, but we are putting a lot of time and effort into our design process. I’d expect more changes in the future as well as we grow and crystallise our corporate identity. We certainly hope you benefit as a result.


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