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Excellent service to track multiple portfolios! Has saved me numerous hours doing this on my own via spreadsheets etc. I highly recommend this to any investor!

Paul Keast

A fantastic tool that provides precise monitoring of your portfolio’s true performance and saves you massive paperwork at tax time.

Vishal Tek

We have been using Sharesight for four years now. It just keeps getting better. Last year I fully integrated it with Xero and it have been a real time saver. Much better than the spreadsheets it replaced. If you are an investor you need Sharesight.

Martin Dowse
Xero Community

I just love your platform - in my 24 years of investing I’ve never had my shares listed all in one place, especially where the dividends are calculated and where I can view the current holdings and up to the minute prices. Over the years I’ve invested in floats, managed funds, and along with purchases plus my employer issued shares things were all over the place, now thanks to Sharesight I’m so organised - its great - thank you.

Lynette Pryor

I have just signed up for Sharesight and am very impressed by how easy it is to use, how quickly and accurately it updated the information. I just wish I had found this app earlier.

Marilyn Bryce
Xero Community

This is by far the best share portfolio management and tracking platform. And very good for your tax submission

Jugador Apuestas

There is really no comparitive product on the market that I could find. In terms of the overall application it delivers for dyi investors of all skill levels. Good job Sharesight.


Great app for tracking your shares, simple & very easy to use. The year end reports provide a great summary to assist with ITR

Scott Russell

We have been using this great app for several years. It makes it easy to review portfolio performance, keep track of income and manage those awful FIF calculations at tax time. The subscription is easily recovered in time savings at year end, particularly where clients likes the DIY approach to managing their portfolios.

Margaret Holmes
Xero Community

Great tool to manage your shares or ETFs. Recommended!

David Dromer

There are so many investors out there that I read about who are trying to keep an up to date record of their investments on Excell and really that is far too time consuming and leads to inaccuracies. Do yourself a favour and test Sharesight.


Easy to use with a clear layout of investments. Importing from other platforms is easy and report creation is excellent for tax requirements as well as analysis of share performance.


Easiest way to track your investments, and makes tax time a breeze.

Michael Westmoore

I have used Sharesight for a few years now and it has been excellent and constantly getting better. Great value for money, tightly integrated with the markets and assets trades, excellent reporting. Highly recommended.


Highly recommend to anyone with a share portfolio. So easy to use and see exactly you’re at.

Lucy Jones

I have been using Sharesight for a year or so now, after using a spreadsheet for years. I ended up with the highest level subscription as I really needed all the best features that are offered. I was hesitant at first to trust all my data being only kept online, but have found ways to back up (just in case). New features have been added since I started using Sharesight, and they regularly offer educational webinars on the features of the software.

Jen Biz

Does all that I need for managing multiple portfolios, SMSF, personal, company and Family trust. Good daily and yearly reporting. Good detail on each company very helpful keeping everything in one place.

Rob Cooper

I am very impressed with the product and its ease of use. Follow up service to questions is very good and swift with replies received within a short period of time.


I don’t often write product reviews because of limited time, but Sharesight has saved me so much time in the last two years, that it is deserving of a few minutes now to rave of its virtues! Recording dividends now is just a quick click of a button once a month, trades take only a few seconds longer, tax time a breeze as I download the report in a few minutes and email off to my accountant. Goodbye Excel. Sharesight’s only risk is being an on-line program, so I do save reports, but live pricing is such a useful tool it’s worth it. Applause for the writers of this program … simple to use, hugely time saving, and keeps me current with whats happening with my portfolio at a glance. Very well done!


This is simple, intuitive, easy to use product which enables me to assess the performance of my investments over virtually any period, and using pretty much whatever different measures and groupings I choose. It replaces intuition and guesswork with real numbers. I get so much more out of it than I used to get from my financial advisor, and from either of the two major online brokers I use. And they seem genuinely interested in getting feedback and improving the product further.


Was previously a user of Quicken for over 20 years and thought I’d give the free Sharesight tool a try. After dabbling with Sharesight for a few weeks I could see straight away how powerful and time saving the software is.

So I have now made the switch across to the Sharesight with Xero integration replacing Quicken and love it. Preparing my end of year data for tax is a breeze, pretty much a couple of reports to send off to the accountant.

The ability to record data by different portfolios allows me to manage both my Super account and personal data with the one subscription.

Have even added property data to it which enables a complete view of assets held and the ability to compare their performance.

Fantastic innovative product.


I started as a novice share trader a couple of years ago, and with more exposure am increasingly confident in my trades, resulting in more trades each year. What I’m not good at is tax returns. I configured the auto download / data import function last year and forgot all about it. Imagine my delight when I “rediscovered” Sharesight reporting this year. I was able to review all transactions, and report performance and tax obligations for my accountant. Now I have a baseline for future years, no more pesky excel spreadsheets. I have needed customer support once. Response via email took a couple of days, but was spot on. I have now set this up for my elderly father who manages our SMSF.


I find it a huge timesaver (compared to my old excel files).

Trades automatically upload from your broker statements and dividends automatically load up once declared. It is almost set and foreget as far as admin goes but reporting is great to see how you are doing.

Highly recommended.

Harvey Specter

At the end of the year the Accountant simply logs onto the system and can extract all tax reports and other information as required. Easy for client, accountant and bookkeeper.

It has certainly been a great time saver for me and I will be recommending it to my other clients for their personal portfolios and for their self-managed superannuation funds.

Brett Anderson
First Class Accounts

I moved from another product as they did not support OSX. Sharesight being cloud and browser based there is no issue no matter what operating system you run.

Automated importing of trade details from your broker is awesome. 10 stocks or less the service is free and fully featured (with some reporting limitations) so you can try before you buy.

Clear and and intuitive user interface. Sharesight has taken the pain out of my portfolio management and tax time.

Mark Wilton

I wish I had discovered this product much sooner. It makes recording stock and managed fund transactions much easier and quicker than a spreadsheet, and also provides very useful portfolio performance and tax reporting tools. I use Sharesight daily, often several times a day, for one reason or another.

Sharesight supports the automatic recording of equity trades with a number of stockbrokers, while for others it’s a simple matter of forwarding contract notes to a unique email address to have the trade recorded in the portfolio you specify. A small minority of my trades require inputting manually, but that’s no more difficult than adding to a spreadsheet. Sharesight automatically converts overseas trades (on NASDAQ etc) into your native currency (NZD for me), streamlining that aspect of portfolio administration. Under the Expert level plan, it automatically produces New Zealand FIF tax reports on demand, so tax return preparation has become incredibly easier and faster.

For me this product does everything I need for portfolio administration, at a price I’m happy to pay.

Ian G

I have used Sharesight for 2 years or so and the premium plan for the last 18 months or so

It is great to be able to view total return, including dividends and also know that buys and sell dates are taken into account

Great also to be able to view closed and open or just open positions to see cumulative growth of the portfolio over time. Also value the ability to set different times periods to look at performance as well as the diversity report, which helps to check to see visually how the portfolio is tracking across different holdings/sectors compared to planned allocation goals

Also value the option of having 3 portfolios; helps to be able to track holdings of different family members etc

Makes calculation of CGT and completion of tax statements at tax time so much easier as well

A great all round investment management tool

Highly recommended


Easiest way to track your investments, and makes tax time a breeze.

Michael Westmoore

I’ve been around financial markets all my working life. In retirement I manage my own funds. So far as I am concerned Sharesight offers all the support I need to make proper decisions and provides all the reports my accountant needs once a year.

Richard Topham

This app is perfect. Everything you can wish for it has. Priced well as well. Easy to use. Has everything including both shares and even unlisted funds. Reports are very useful. 5 stars.


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Sharesight is an excellent service that is essential for anyone that trades or invests in the stockmarket. I am able to generate meaningful reports on my portfolio that enables me to make more effective investment decisions and track performance accurately. Sharesight makes tax time an absolute breeze by providing all the necessary data to put into the tax return. They are great people to deal with and provide fantastic personalised service. The best thing though is that the service automatically receives the data from my broker so I do not have to input anything. Nothing at all. Sharesight just works automatically in the background and is there when I need it. A highly recommended service!

Stephen Sizer

Brilliant tool for managing a portfolio - integrates all of the areas of performance, portfolio management and accounting. Massive assistance to those of us with multiple portfolios to manage and not much time.

Bob Schroder