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Affluence Funds Management

Affluence Funds Management is a boutique investment management firm that specialises in providing investors with a high quality, vastly diversified portfolio of investments. Affluence aims to provide investors with superior investment performance over the long term through investment market discipline and patience, having the ability to identify managers who can deliver consistent above average results and managing costs of the Fund. They believe that exposure to quality investments across multiple asset classes, managers, geographies and strategies should be an essential feature of any well diversified portfolio.

How we work together

Affluence Funds Management is a Sharesight Pro Partner that leverages the Sharesight API for pricing data. They also rely on Sharesight to provide award-winning portfolio reporting to their clients.

Affluence Funds Management
Level 5, 320 Adelaide St
Brisbane , QLD
1300 233 583
Partner Type
Sharesight API
Partner Category
Asset Managers & Robo-Advisors