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LENSELL's flagship application, Diversiview, is the #1 Portfolio Analysis and Optimisation Software. It allows investors to plan, analyse and optimise mixed portfolios of listed securities and unlisted investments, and calibrate the portfolio's risk-return position to match their long term financial goals. With Diversiview, investors can do better and gain more from their investments.

Diversiview - Efficient Frontier (animated)

Using unique AI technology based on the Modern Portfolio Theory and the Efficient Frontier Theory, Diversiview lets users assess the actual position of their portfolio relative to thousands of other potential positions and enables them to consider alternatives to mitigate their risk while increasing the potential expected return. Investors have access to a unique feature, i.e. the ability to visualise their Portfolio Universe® and explore further options to optimise their position at any time during their investment journey.

How we work together

Diversiview integrates with Sharesight, thereby allowing mutual users to import their portfolios from Sharesight in seconds and analyse them in Diversiview.

The partnership offers Diversiview customers access to one free portfolio in Sharesight, with unlimited holdings, advanced reporting and support. Login and claim yours via your account dashboard.

If you already have a Sharesight account you will be able to see the new portfolio from Diversiview in your Sharesight dashboard. The extra portfolio does not count towards your Sharesight plan limit.

Learn more about Diversiview:

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Learn how to connect Diversiview and Sharesight:

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How to get started

Sharesight users who are not yet Diversiview users can access a special subscription offer by emailing to redeem.

Read the official partnership announcement:
Diversiview by LENSELL integrates with Sharesight

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