Diversiview by LENSELL integrates with Sharesight

by Dr Laura Rusu, Founder & CEO LENSELL | Nov 11th 2021

Diversiview® by LENSELL now integrates directly with Sharesight, making it easy for investors to analyse the health, deep diversification and the risk and return positions of their Sharesight portfolios directly in Diversiview – allowing them to make investment decisions with even more confidence.

A large segment of Diversiview’s early adopters are avid Sharesight users, so it was a straightforward decision to make their lives easier and connect their favourite portfolio planning tool (Diversiview) with their favourite reporting tool (Sharesight) using the Sharesight API. This way, users can save time and analyse their portfolios in a few clicks.

Sharesight Diversiview

What is Diversiview?

Diversiview® is an easy-to-use portfolio planning, analysis and optimisation software that helps investors assess the expected performance, health and granular diversification of their preferred investments.

Investors can plan and validate tailored, diversified portfolios that suit their risk tolerance profiles and return expectations, while being more resilient to market volatility.

With Diversiview, investors can also calculate the optimal asset allocation for portfolios that maximise expected returns for the level of volatility investors are ready to accept.

Try Diversiview for free Click here to try Diversiview for free.

Key Features of Diversiview

  • Analyse unlimited portfolios (up to 30 investments/portfolio)
  • Include any ASX listed security (stocks, ETFs, managed funds, bonds)
  • Include any of the top 1,000 US-listed stocks by market cap (NASDAQ and NYSE)
  • Include any of the more than 150 unlisted/alternative investments available
  • Include cash, investment properties or term deposits
  • Use the Diversiview Stock Screener to filter investments for expected return and volatility
  • Check out critical portfolio performance indicators (portfolio expected return, portfolio risk/volatility, portfolio Alpha, portfolio Beta and portfolio Sharpe ratio)
  • See what the portfolio performance indicators would be with an optimised asset allocation
  • View your portfolio’s risk-return position, for the given asset allocation. Compare with thousands of other potential positions that may have better expected returns at a lower risk
  • View the correlations between your individual investments, with the unique interactive Deep Diversification Diagram
  • Access the history of your previous analyses, up to 3 years
  • Get access to news and prices for major stocks, crypto and forex.
Note: Users on users on automatic top up can access a free Sharesight portfolio with unlimited holdings, for the duration of the automatic top up subscription.

Read more about inclusions and add-ons.

why choose diversiview

What’s unique about Diversiview?

Two features: Deep Diversification and Portfolio Optimisation.

Only 3 in 10 investors' portfolios are diversified (ASX Investor Study report, 2020). Introduced by Diversiview, Portfolio Deep Diversification view enables investors to mitigate overall portfolio risk by selecting securities that are not strongly correlated, that is, that behave differently during market fluctuations and allow investors to offset losses.

Research shows that a diversified portfolio is more resilient to market volatility and generally outperforms 'concentrated' portfolios in the longer run (Koda Capital, 2020).

Deep Diversification is also critical in allowing investors to analyse and compare different portfolio risk and return positions from the huge number of possibilities and select the one that works for them. No other application gives such a granular view of the Portfolio Universe®.

By seeing the current risk-return position of their portfolio compared with a multitude of alternatives, the user can decide whether they want to take their portfolio to an even better position by reducing the level of risk, increasing the expected return, or both.

This is only possible using Diversiview’s unique Portfolio Optimisation feature, which allows the investor to calculate the weights that give the Minimum Risk Portfolio (a.k.a. The Minimum Variance Portfolio), the Optimal Portfolio, or to get to one of the efficient portfolio positions on the Efficient Frontier.

Diversiview portfolio2

Why did Diversiview integrate with Sharesight?

Sharesight and Diversiview solve two complementary problems. Diversiview helps investors plan their portfolios and revalidate their position and diversification as markets change, while Sharesight makes it easy to track portfolios’ performance and report on a variety of compliance aspects.

Serious investors can now plan, analyse, track and report on their investment portfolios with an integrated view and significant time saved.

The integration was quick and easy using the Sharesight API.

Today, every investor hopes for stability in their investment journey, but creating a diversified portfolio manually would be very complicated – almost humanly impossible. Technology and Data Science are here to help." – Dr Laura Rusu, Founder & CEO LENSELL

Diversiview’s goal is to make it easy for every Australian investor to design tailored, risk-informed portfolios of investments so that they can plan their investment journey with confidence.

Get started with Sharesight and Diversiview

The partnership offers Diversiview customers access to one free portfolio in Sharesight, with unlimited holdings, advanced reporting and support. Login and claim yours via your account dashboard.

Note that the free Sharesight portfolio is only available to Diversiview users on the points automatic top up subscription.

If you already have a Sharesight account you will be able to see the new portfolio from Diversiview in your Sharesight dashboard. The extra portfolio does not count towards your Sharesight plan limit.

Sharesight users who are not yet using Diversiview can access a special Diversiview subscription offer by emailing to redeem.

Disclaimer: The above article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a product recommendation, or taxation or financial advice and should not be relied upon as such. Please check with your adviser or accountant to obtain the correct advice for your situation.


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