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Sharesight allows you to bulk import your historical buy and sell trades directly from Selfwealth. You can also have your ongoing trades automatically synced to your Sharesight portfolio. Keep reading to learn how.

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How to import your historical trades

To bulk import your historical trading data from Selfwealth to Sharesight:

1 – Login to Selfwealth.

2 - Select ‘Settings’.


3 - Select Trading Account > Report.


4 - Report Filters: ‘Include Trades & Include Other’.

SW 4

5 - Report Time Period: ‘Custom’.

SW 5 & 6

6 - Enter the date range of the trades to include in the spreadsheet. From: ‘01/01/2000’ (before your first trade). To: Today’s date.

Note: If you have already populated your portfolio by forwarding confirmation emails using the Trade Confirmation Emails feature, importing the spreadsheet will duplicate the trades in the portfolio.

7 - Select ‘Export Rows’: As CSV.

SW 7

8 - In Sharesight, click on 'Import from a Broker' tile.

Selfwealth 8

9 - Select 'Selfwealth'.

Selfwealth 9

10 - Upload the CSV file into Selfwealth broker tile.

Selfwealth 10

11 - Once you have verified the trade data, click ‘Finish and Import All’.

Selfwealth 11

Once the trades are saved, your Sharesight portfolio will be populated and the portfolio overview page will load.

Your holdings will be calculated with Sharesight’s performance calculation methodology which is a money-weighted return methodology, meaning the performance figures take account of the size and timing of cash flows.

Sharesight will automatically create dividends and corporate actions for the holdings you have imported.

Selfwealth 12

Automatically keep your portfolio up-to-date

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