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CMC Markets Stockbroking

CMC Markets Stockbroking is Australia’s best value online broker. Choose from a wide range of investment products available on ASX and SSX including shares, mFunds, warrants, ETFs and more.

How we work together

CMC leverages the Sharesight API to allow their clients to automatically push trade data into Sharesight. This provides CMC clients with an award-winning portfolio performance tracking and tax reporting solution. In addition, CMC clients in their Premium Traders tier get a Sharesight Investor Plan at no cost.

We have partnered with Sharesight to enable portfolio tracking and tax reporting that is fully integrated into the CMC Markets Stockbroking platforms.
CMC Markets Stockbroking

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Why trade with CMC?
  • Trade with Australia’s Broker of the Year – 10 years in a row
  • Best value brokerage with our Frequent Trader Program
  • Get support whenever the market is open
  • Pay $0 Brokerage and no in-activity fees

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How to get started
  1. Open a CMC Markets Stockbroking account
  2. Follow these steps to auto-import your CMC trades to your Sharesight portfolio
CMC Markets Stockbroking
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Sharesight API
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