2 click FIF reporting. Yes, it's this easy. Yes, it's this automatic.

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | Mar 3rd 2014
NOTE: There is a newer version of this article. See How to calculate your NZ FIF income for more information.

Despite being a small company, we're rather international. We count Kiwis, Aussies, Americans, Italians, and Germans amongst our ranks. From a billable hours perspective, our payroll is a dream come true for an international tax strategist, but let's leave that for another post.

Sharesight was founded in Wellington, but for some of our staff it can be easy to overlook the country-specific, core (and killer!) features, which put us on the map. Our FIF Report is one such example.

Sharesight automatically tracks IRD updates to the FIF investment list and will "tick" these investments in your or your client's portfolio. We even store the FIF lists for years gone by so if there's a need to, you can always go back in time and run FIF reports based on the official consideration list.

FIF Report - featured

Run FIF with two clicks. No exaggeration.

When you're ready to get your FIF on simply go to our Reports menu, and click FIF Report. Sharesight will default to the current year's list, and scrolling down the page will reveal which of your holdings must be considered for FIF. The ticked holdings are pre-selected by Sharesight. You can always un-tick these, but we recommend leaving the list as-is.

FIF Report

Tick, tick, tick - we auto nominante holdings for FIF consideration

Click the big 'Calculate' button at the bottom of the page and we'll show you the Comparative Value and Fair Dividend Rate methods so you can compare each side by side. You'll want to select the lower of the two income calculation models.

FIF Report

Compare both income calculation models and pick the lowest

From here you can take a deeper dive. Clicking any of the 'View Details' links will then display the underlying holdings and explain how we arrived at our Total Income. Remember, you can export this data to Excel or PDF and add your logo if you're a Sharesight Pro partner.

FIF Report

Taking a deeper dive into one of two FIF calc methods

If you need even more detail, click the 'Worksheet' button and we'll reveal the underlying calculation for each holding.

FIF Report

The guts of our FIF reporting engine

We're proud of the work we've done on our FIF Report. It's this end-to-end automation you should come to expect from Sharesight. Don't expect us to stop here. There's plenty more country-specific automation in the works...


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