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Announcing Sharesight Canada

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | Jul 8th 2015

Today we're proud to announce Sharesight Canada!

Canadian DIY and professional investors can now sign up to Sharesight to track their local and overseas investments in Canadian dollars.

There's a lot of buzz about being a "global" company these days, but to gain real traction, we believe you need to be hyper-local. Products needs to solve local problems from the ground-up.

Sharesight Canada - featured

That's why we now support the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE), the Canadian Venture Exchange (CVE), and the Canadian Securities Exchange (CNSX). Very soon we'll be adding a Canadian Capital Gains Tax Report and Taxable Income Report too.

The plan is to continue building out Canadian-specific features and to put sales and support staff on the ground in Toronto. In fact Angela, our marketing guru and token Canadian, is headed over there next week to scope things out.

All plans are available -- from the Free plan to Sharesight Pro Gold. Our API also supports Canada. We're in discussions to integrate with Canadian brokers, two accounting platforms, and a roboadvisor.

Doug Morris, Sharesight CEO

Sharesight is a great fit for Canadian investors. Picture: Hollie Adams. Source: News Corp Australia

Canadians are avid equity investors. Their strong banking, resource, and energy sectors mirror the behaviour we see from our Australian client base. They also enjoy a competitive (bank and non-bank) online brokerage market and access to RRSPs (Registered Retirement Savings Plans), which are similar to IRAs in the US and SMSFs in Australia.

The professional advice market is significant as well, and the move next year to fully disclose how advisors are paid and the returns they've delivered to investors will cause a market shake-up. Just like in other Sharesight markets, it's nearly impossible for investors to understand exactly how they've performed -- and -- there's a dearth of solutions for well-intentioned money managers.

We expect to see Canadian DIY investors demanding web-based tools that "just work," and a distinct separation between fee-hungry advisors and those truly creating wealth.

A big thank you to our beta clients who gave us a hand in testing the Canadian version. Leave a message in our community forum and let us know where you'd like to see Sharesight go next.

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