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Track Canadian Mutual Funds with Sharesight

by Angela Thompson, Sharesight

Great news for Canadian investors: you can now track your Canadian Mutual Funds in Sharesight, the award-winning portfolio tracker for DIY investors and financial professionals.

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  • Track over 38,000 Canadian mutual funds in Sharesight
  • Includes 10 years of historical price and distribution data
  • Ongoing prices & distributions are automatically updated and editable at any time

We often refer to Sharesight as an investor’s “portfolio passport”. That’s because in addition to the over $1.9b worth of holdings (stocks, listed bonds and ETFs) tracked across 23 global markets, Sharesight clients can also monitor decades of historical prices and corporate actions (such as dividends, and stock splits). Plus they can track custom holdings, for unlisted holdings (or for instruments we don’t yet track).

Today we’re announcing a massive addition to our investment portfolio database: over 38,000 Canadian mutual funds are now available on Sharesight. This is in addition to the nearly 10,000 ASX and NZX managed funds available on Sharesight since 2014.

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Where does Sharesight source its mutual fund data?

We source our mutual fund data feed from the market’s most accurate and comprehensive data provider of Canadian investment funds: Fundata.

How do I track managed funds with Sharesight?

To get started, simply add your managed funds:

What happens after I add my managed funds?

  • Sharesight will automatically display any corporate actions (such as dividends) that occurred
  • You can edit all data, including reinvesting dividends
  • You can view the impact of your managed funds throughout Sharesight, including in the Performance Report, Taxable Income Report, etc.
  • Sharesight will automatically update on-going unit prices and distributions

How far back does the mutual fund data go?

When you add a mutual fund to Sharesight, we’ll automatically update the historical prices and distribution data stretching back to the inception date of the fund, going back up to 10 years.

What if my distribution data is different, or missing?

Since mutual funds are not listed on stock exchanges and fall under the jurisdiction of different regulatory bodies, fund companies are not required to provide detailed and timely data like a listed company. It’s possible that a fund you or your clients have invested in has not provided distribution data to Fundata (if they don’t have it – no one else does). If you find this to be the case, simply refer to the distribution statements on your payout details. As with any holdings tracked in Sharesight, you may edit a payment to reflect the distribution data.

What if I’ve been manually tracking my Canadian mutual funds?

If you’ve taken the time to manually enter and maintain mutual fund positions in Sharesight, don’t worry. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions to easily convert a custom holding to a listed holding.

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