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Automatically import trades from Investec to Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Writer, Sharesight

With support for over 170 global brokers, it’s easier than ever to track your investment portfolio with Sharesight. We are always expanding our list of supported brokers, which now includes South African broker Investec, to complement our existing support for the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

South African investors trading through Investec can automatically import trades directly into their Sharesight portfolio, giving them access to Sharesight’s award-winning performance, dividend tracking and tax reporting features.

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Who is Investec?

Established in 1974, Investec Limited is a South Africa-based investment and private banking group. The company offers traditional stockbroking services and an online trading platform, with access to global markets supported by Sharesight, including the JSE, LSE, TSE and ASX. Investec also offers a range of other services including equity research, advisory and wealth management.

Import your Investec data to Sharesight

Sharesight allows you to import your historical and ongoing trades in South African stocks and ETFs through the Trade Confirmation Emails feature, or you can choose to manually import your historical trades by uploading a spreadsheet file. Keep reading to learn more.

How to import historical trades through a spreadsheet

One simple way to import historical trades to Sharesight is by creating and formatting a spreadsheet file filled with trades from your trading account.

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As long as the file contains all the required information, you can upload it to Sharesight and quickly bulk import the trading data you wish to see in your portfolio.

Use Sharesight’s Trade Confirmation Emails feature for ongoing trades

It’s easy for South African investors to use Sharesight’s Trade Confirmation Emails feature to add ongoing trades from an Investec account to a Sharesight portfolio. Read our Trade Confirmation Emails help page to get started, then forward your trade confirmations to your unique portfolio email address located under the Integrations tab in the Trade Confirmation Emails section.

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Note: This feature is designed primarily for ongoing trades, but it can also be used to fill in historical trades in your Sharesight portfolio. All you need to do is manually forward the Trade Confirmation Emails for the trades you wish to see in your portfolio, starting with the earliest trade you want included.

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