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Calling all share clubs

by Tony Ryburn, Executive Chairman, Sharesight | Apr 9th 2008

I frequently bemoan the fact that New Zealanders are such poor share market investors. This deprives them of what is probably their best opportunity to generate superior long-term investment returns.

People often respond by saying they would like to invest in the share market but do not know where to start. One way to dip your toe in the water is through a share club. Share clubs offer an excellent learning environment and often draw together people with a wide range of skills and experience.

If you manage a share club or are planning to start one, have a look at Sharesight. Sharesight is ideal for share clubs because it greatly simplifies the administrative work load of running a club.

Furthermore all members can monitor the portfolio in which they have invested by being given read-only access through Sharesight’s portfolio sharing system. This means they are kept fully up to date on every aspect of the portfolio’s performance with no effort required by the club.

This information is not a recommendation nor a statement of opinion. You should consult an independent financial adviser before making any decisions with respect to your shares in relation to the information that is presented in this article.