Clients, have your say - Introducing Lulu

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | Sep 11th 2014

I'm Lulu Ye, Sharesight's new Client Experience Specialist.

Two months ago, I was introduced to this role by a happy Sharesight customer. A month ago, I joined the company, looking to add new thoughts and more customer focus. The past month was filled with learning - about the product and about our customers, with the highlight certainly being attending my first Xerocon, and receiving the Xero Add-on Partner of The Year award with the team.

Lulu Ye

In my previous role within finance and customer relations, I heard grumbles every day both within and outside of the organisation, especially when well-intended customer-oriented changes took forever to surface due to bureaucracy. In contrast, when I first visited Sharesight, I saw a bunch of creative and energetic minds, who can't help but love new technology, and who are eager to bring disruptive changes to the market.

This is what brings a company forward -- Change. Embarking on new business partnerships and introducing handy new features that push our business forward (compared to ticking off a daily task list). For the same reason, we feel compelled to bring exciting changes into the way we interact with YOU, our customers. In the coming months, I'll be assisting you with any of your queries, gathering more insights, and re-organising our help website and community forum. And for our Sharesight's professional plan clients, I look forward to chatting with you on our soon-to-be announced regular training webinars!

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