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Easily import trades from nabtrade into Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Writer, Sharesight

Getting started with Sharesight is now easier than ever with the ability to automatically import trades from over 200 brokers into your Sharesight portfolio. An effortless way of keeping your portfolio up-to-date, investors can automatically record historic and ongoing buy and sell trades through the Trade Confirmation Emails sent when trading with most brokers.

nabtrade is one of the many brokers from which you can automatically import trades directly into your Sharesight portfolio. This gives nabtrade users the opportunity to leverage Sharesight’s award-winning performance, dividend tracking and tax reporting features.

Sharesight import trades nabtrade

Who is nabtrade?

nabtrade is an online trading platform run by NAB, one of Australia’s biggest banks. The platform has consistently received a 5-star value rating from Canstar, with brokerage fees from $14.95 per trade. Not just available to NAB customers, nabtrade offers all investors access to Australian and international shares, ETFs, bonds, margin lending and SMSF services.

Import your nabtrade data to Sharesight

Sharesight allows you to import your trading history by directly connecting your nabtrade account to Sharesight. Alternatively, you can manually import your history by uploading a spreadsheet file, and automatically link ongoing trades through the Trade Confirmation Emails feature. Keep reading to learn more.

Connect directly to your nabtrade account

The easiest way to build your Sharesight portfolio is to connect to your nabtrade account with Sharesight. This imports your historical buy and sell trades directly from your trading account into Sharesight.

Sharesight nabtrade login

To do this, you will need to enter your nabtrade login details and choose the trading history you wish to import into Sharesight.

Note: Your nabtrade login details will not be saved by Sharesight and your trading data is downloaded through a secure connection. Sharesight has no official relationship with nabtrade and offers this service purely for your convenience. If you do not wish to disclose your nabtrade login details we recommend importing via a spreadsheet or Trade Confirmation Emails as outlined below.

Once you have imported your historic trades into Sharesight, you can automatically import ongoing trades by using the Trade Confirmation Emails feature, as mentioned below.

How to import historical trades through a spreadsheet

If you prefer not to use your broker account login details to connect to Sharesight, another way to easily import historical trades to Sharesight is by uploading a spreadsheet with your trading history.

Sharesight nabtrade spreadsheet

As long as the file contains all the required information, you can upload it to Sharesight and quickly bulk import the trading data you wish to see in your portfolio.

Use Sharesight’s Trade Confirmation Emails feature for ongoing trades

Sharesight’s Trade Confirmation Emails feature is an effortless way to import historical and ongoing trades to a Sharesight portfolio. By simply having your broker’s trade confirmations forwarded to your unique Sharesight email address, all of your trades are synced to your portfolio, inclusive of corporate actions such as dividends, mergers and stock splits, with no effort on your part.

You can also add your Sharesight portfolio email address to your nabtrade account, simply access your account settings, then under ‘delivery methods’ click ‘edit’, enter the email address and your PIN to confirm, then click ‘apply changes’ - this will ensure a copy of your trade confirmation emails get sent to Sharesight automatically.

We need your help to add more brokers!

If your broker is not yet on Sharesight’s list of supported brokers, let us know by leaving us a message in the chat interface located at the bottom-right of Sharesight. What we will need is some sample buy and sell trade confirmations (email or PDF), the email the broker sends them from and the subject line of the emails.

We only require a handful of sample documents to support a new broker, so reach out today if you want to see yours added!