Forwardcaster integrates with Sharesight API

by Tom Wigley, CEO, Forwardcaster | Mar 18th 2019

Forwardcaster is now able to offer investors the ability to track and monitor their equity investment strategies linked to their Sharesight portfolios.

This integration was made possible with the Sharesight API, which was quick and easy to implement. We got it up and running in just a few weeks. In that time, we’ve added a lot of value, as together we’re more than the sum of our parts.

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What is Forwardcaster?

Forwardcaster is a quantitative value backtesting engine. Due to the computing power involved, quantitative value investing is a relatively new phenomenon. The investment philosophy is to merge the probabilities and statistics used by quants with the fundamental approaches to value investing as practiced by Warren Buffett and other leading value investors.

Using Forwardcaster, investors can use this method of investing by building and testing their own long-term stock market strategies. Once they’ve created a strategy they like, they can link it to their portfolio/s in order to track the results each day, week or month.

Following a well-tested strategy helps to remove the emotion (and reduce some of the stress) from investing and provides a rational basis for improved performance.

How does Forwardcaster work?

Typically, our engine analyses over 30 million data points of market history and takes less than 5 seconds to run. In that time, it has analysed the market over a period of up to 15 years by simulating the buying and selling of companies based on certain buy/sell criteria set by the investor.

The result is the performance of a hypothetical portfolio (i.e. a strategy) over a period of market history. Investors will see whether or not their strategy outperformed the market, they can dig into the risk metrics to see how volatile it was, and view the companies which drove returns. All of this can be achieved with our engine (and a top-quality database) in a few seconds -- without the risk of losing any capital.

Why Forwardcaster integrated with Sharesight

Sharesight and Forwardcaster solve two complementary problems. Sharesight offers investment portfolio performance and reporting, while Forwardcaster offers the ability to build and test investment strategies.

This integration allows Sharesight members to import their portfolios into Forwardcaster and link them to investment strategies they have created. This means Sharesight members can now get portfolio specific, data-driven investment ideas each day, week or month. It saves time, mitigates risk and helps to improve returns.

Sharesight’s straightforward API made integration easy

Using the Sharesight API was very straightforward. Sharesight monitored their end-points -- ensuring we were hitting them correctly -- while from our end, we could see exactly what we needed to see and where to get it from. In all, the whole integration process only took a few weeks to get up and running. In addition, the Sharesight team was great to work with.

I highly recommended working with Sharesight. You’ll get everything you need up and running in no time and it will massively add value to your customers and your business.

Get started with Forwardcaster today

To get started, go to Forwardcaster and click on the Sharesight button.

Important Disclaimer. Sharesight does not provide tax or investment advice. The buying of shares can be complex and varies by country. You should seek tax and investment advice specific to your situation before acting on any of the information in this article.


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