Why you should partner with Sharesight

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager — Content/SEO, Sharesight | Jul 25th 2017

The team at Sharesight was excited to be awarded the Excellence in Industry Collaboration and Partnerships (Australia) award by Fintech Australia at the 2017 “Finnies” awards earlier this year. Sharesight has also been included in Fintech Australia’s ecosystem map recently, so we thought this would be an excellent opportunity to dive into what makes collaboration in the fintech ecosystem so important to us at Sharesight, and why we believe it benefits both our customers and partners.

Unlocking the value of open financial data

Financial services have traditionally been a fortress, one that locks up customers and their data.

Those times are changing, fast. The “Rebel Alliance” -- an ecosystem of connected fintechs, is rapidly disrupting financial services, using the power of APIs to unlock the value of customers’ financial data, to provide an unbundled solution, one that does not require customer data to be locked in.

Horizontal Jenga blocks?

Sharesight CEO Doug Morris (who you can now follow on Twitter - @Doug_Sharesight) explains it using Jenga blocks to illustrate the difference:

“If you think of traditional financial services as being a vertical column of children’s Jenga blocks. Fintech has disrupted the tower of blocks, toppling it over so consumers now can build their own financial services solutions from a marketplace to meet their needs -- just like an app store.”

At Sharesight we often see our customers assemble their own “unbundled SMSF management solution” by bringing together a suite of fintech products at a price much lower than a traditional vertical financial services stack.

Sharesight believes in the power of APIs to build the horizontal financial services stack.

Delivering customer value with the Sharesight API

Sharesight maintains both the Sharesight Connect and Sharesight User APIs and we encourage other members of the fintech ecosystem to connect using these APIs in new and innovative ways to build value for customers. Sharesight partners Macrovue, OnMarket BookBuilds, Six Park, Simply Wall Street, CMC Stockbroking, PwC (plus others) already use Sharesight’s APIs, and we’ve connected the Sharesight platform to Xero by using the Xero API to further the horizontal financial services stack.

How are partners using the Sharesight API?

“We have partnered with Sharesight to enable portfolio tracking and tax reporting that is fully integrated into the CMC Markets Stockbroking platforms.” -- CMC Stockbroking.

CMC Sharesight

“Macrovue uses the Sharesight API to track Vues and power the performance and tax reporting of the client-facing dashboard. Connecting our software development teams has enabled us to create a more advanced bespoke solution and enhance our client experience.” -- Macrovue.

Macrovue Sharesight

Join the Sharesight API Rebel Alliance

The team at Sharesight are always excited to explore opportunities to work and partner with others in the finance and fintech ecosystem. If anything offered by the Sharesight API or inside Sharesight would benefit your business, platform, or website please send us an email and we can grant you access to our test environment free of charge and talk further on how we can partner to build value for customers.


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