How do I attach a file in Sharesight?

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | Nov 21st 2014

At its very core, Sharesight is an online repository for all your portfolio data. In fact, having all your holdings and trade details in one place is what makes it possible for Sharesight to automate dividend tracking and offer powerful 1-click performance and tax reports. But in terms of pure data, we understand that sometimes numbers aren't enough. So for notes and other details, Sharesight lets you add your own comments within individual holding, trade, and income records. And another feature that's available to Sharesight's professional plan, Investor and Expert members is the ability to upload your own files to individual holding or trade records as well.

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Storing files at the holding-level

Sharesight allows you to store up to five files per holding. This can be a useful place to store annual reports and other files associated with the holding.

To upload a file to a holding, simply expand the "File Attachments" tab on the right-hand side of the screen, click on the "upload a file" button, and select the file(s) you wish to upload:

File Attachments - Add to Holding

Once uploaded, the file names will be displayed. Simply click on a file to open it, or click on the trash icon to delete it:

File Attachments – View within Holding

Storing files at the trade-level

In addition to storing files at the holding level, you may store one file for each recorded trade within a holding.

To upload a file to a trade record, simply click on the trade's "edit" link:

Edit Trade Details

Click on the "choose a file" button:

Adding a File Attachment to a Trade

Then click on the "save changes" button. The holding details page will refresh and a paperclip icon will appear next to the trade's "edit" link:

Saved file attachment

To access the file, simply click on the "edit" link again. Your file will appear in the modal window. Simply click on it to view it, or click on the trash icon to delete it.

View Trade File Attachment

Note: if the trade was automatically captured via Trade Confirmation Emails feature, then the PDF of the trade will appear here and will count towards your allotted file.


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