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Import your Praemium portfolio into Sharesight

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | Mar 27th 2019

You asked for it, and we delivered. It’s now even easier for investors using Praemium to get started tracking the performance of their investment portfolio with Sharesight. Praemium clients can now import their trading history directly into Sharesight with our broker import wizard -- unlocking the power of Sharesight’s award-winning performance and tax reporting in a few easy steps.

featured - Import your Praemium portfolio into Sharesight

How to import your Praemium portfolio into Sharesight

Importing your Praemium portfolio into Sharesight is easy. All you need to do is:

Once your trades are imported, Sharesight will automatically calculate the impact of most corporate actions that impact your portfolio (including dividends and share splits).

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Try Sharesight’s award-winning portfolio tracker and:

  • Run powerful tax reports built for Australian investors -- so you’ll always know exactly where you stand in terms of your franking credits and capital gains tax
  • Offset your capital gains by modelling the impact of tax loss selling
  • Get the true picture of your investment performance, including the impact of brokerage fees, dividends, and capital gains with Sharesight’s annualised performance calculation methodology
  • Automatically track daily price & currency fluctuations, as well as corporate actions such as dividends and share splits
  • Track all your investments in one place by importing trades from over 100 brokers

Sharesight is the same low price, no matter your portfolio size -- sign-up for free and get started today!