Introducing 20 minute delayed pricing for NZX holdings

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | Feb 13th 2017

When we polled Sharesight customers last year and asked them to rank proposed future enhancements, a mobile app as well as intraday pricing quickly shot to the top of the list. Armed with this data, our engineers began work on these popular features. To kick things off, we launched the Sharesight Mobile App back in October (and are continually improving upon it). And today, we’re pleased to announce 20 minute delayed pricing for holdings listed on the New Zealand stock exchange (NZX).

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How 20 minute delayed pricing works

20 minute delayed pricing has been automatically enabled for all NZX-listed holdings. This means that the add holding, add/edit trades and Share Checker screens now display the latest intraday price we’ve received from NZX:

screenshot share-checker nzx

A few things to note

  • The new price data is technically “live” albeit on a 20 minute delayed basis. This means that we receive price updates on a real-time basis. If you own a stock that trades multiple times within a 20 minute period -- you will see the updated prices on Sharesight -- only when you refresh or load a page.
  • We haven’t updated the UI (user interface) to reflect the change at this stage, so please keep this in mind when comparing NZX vs. non-NZX listed holdings.
  • This is currently only available for the Sharesight website, but it will be available for the Sharesight Mobile App soon.
  • We’re working on providing 20-minute delayed pricing for ASX-listed holdings as well -- stay tuned!

Follow our Community Forum for the latest updates on this feature, and please continue to share your feedback as it helps us decide what to work on next!


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