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Introducing the Sharesight Mobile App

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight

When we reached out to our clients earlier this year and asked them what features they’d like to see in future iterations of Sharesight, a mobile app ended up at the top of the list. And while our main application is quite popular with iPad users, we decided to build a native mobile app that provides investors with “just the right” portfolio information they require when on the go.

Sharesight Mobile App - Featured

Available for both Android and Apple users, the Sharesight Mobile App is designed to work as a companion to the main Sharesight website. Once you’ve set up your holdings and trade data within Sharesight, you can use the free mobile app to track the overall performance of your portfolio(s), as well as specific holding information, including capital gains, dividends and currency gains.

Sharesight Mobile App - all screens

Please note that the mobile app doesn’t include any advanced reporting solutions, like the diversity or capital gains tax reports. You’ll need to login to the main Sharesight application to access those.

We hope you enjoy using the Sharesight Mobile App. Please post any questions or feedback in our dedicated forum topic, and if you find the app to be a handy way to track your portfolio when on the go, we’d greatly appreciate you leaving a review in your app store of choice.

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