Connect Sharesight and Life Sherpa for affordable financial advice

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Sep 28th 2022

Sharesight and Life Sherpa have partnered to improve the way investors achieve their financial goals. By connecting Sharesight and Life Sherpa, all of your investment data is synced to a Life Sherpa account, allowing you to see all of your investments and financial advice in one place. Investors who sign up for a Life Sherpa Platinum account will also get access to a Sharesight portfolio with unlimited holdings and our full suite of tax and performance reporting. To learn more about Life Sherpa and how investors can benefit from connecting their Sharesight portfolio to Life Sherpa's financial advice platform, keep reading.

Connect Life Sherpa and Sharesight

What is Life Sherpa?

Life Sherpa is Australia’s most affordable financial advice service. Life Sherpa believes that everyone deserves to benefit from sound financial advice, whoever they are, wherever they live or work, and whatever they earn, own or owe.

For one low annual subscription, Life Sherpa puts a licensed human financial adviser (your Sherpa) in everyone’s pocket, with no extra hidden costs. Combining the best of technology with the comfort and support of a human, Life Sherpa makes getting the most from your money easy.

Our online tools help you assess your situation, identify and prioritise areas for improvement and connect with your own personal financial adviser.

Key features of Life Sherpa

Financial literacy

Life Sherpa’s extensive range of tools, courses, and educational content is further brought to life through discussion, discovery and personal coaching with the qualified licensed Sherpa team, which fosters understanding and improved financial confidence. The Sherpa team is always available to listen and provide coaching.

  • Spending tracker app: Discover where your money goes in real-time

  • Financial courses: Go from struggling to thriving

  • Financial freedom tool: Discover your pathway

  • Webinars and workshops: Join our experts online covering all things money

  • Academy: Learn how to be free at any stage of life

  • Facebook group: Live money coaching

Getting the right advice

Improved literacy and financial confidence create the foundation to make informed decisions when seeking the right advice. It is easy and simple to book a time to connect with your personal Sherpa.

  • Meet your licensed adviser to address whatever is most important to you

  • Personalised financial advice: Optimise your budgeting, money management, lending, insurance, superannuation and investment

Putting your plan in place

Every plan requires careful implementation.

  • Implementing your plan: All looked after by your expert Sherpa

  • Commission refund program: Possibly saving you thousands

  • Cash Back program: Register your policy and save

Keeping you on track

Life often changes, so we understand how essential it is to have an expert by your side who can help guide you so that your plan stays on track.

  • Regular catch ups with your adviser to keep you focused and your goals on track

  • Tracking your investments: You can track your investments online via your provider’s dashboard, but we will also take care of things, so you don’t have to worry

What makes Life Sherpa unique?

Life Sherpa is not owned by a bank, super fund, insurance company or fund manager. All of the services are provided by appropriately licensed employees, none of whom are rewarded based on revenue or sales. They also do not receive commissions on investment or superannuation products. Where commissions are received by Life Sherpa for home loans or insurance, rebates are provided to members after deducting the cost of the service provided. All of this means Life Sherpa can always act solely in the interests of their members.

Why has Life Sherpa connected to Sharesight?

For Life Sherpa, the partnership with Sharesight is all about creating a complete solution for investors and their adviser. This means investors’ Sharesight portfolio data will be automatically updated in Life Sherpa, ensuring the advice they receive considers their holdings, transaction history and tax position.

"Connecting your share trading accounts to the rest of your financial life in your Life Sherpa account keeps you and your adviser up-to-date, enabling us to make better and more complete recommendations," says Vince Scully, Founder & CEO at Life Sherpa.

"We know that many investors who need an adviser still want to manage some of their own investments. Manually sharing details of your share portfolio can be hard work and error-prone. But connecting them with Sharesight is easy and ensures our advice is always based on the facts."

Why investors should connect Sharesight and Life Sherpa

By connecting Sharesight and Life Sherpa, investors will benefit from the ability to track all of their financial accounts and assets in Life Sherpa. An improved ability to forecast cash flow – while receiving personalised money-saving recommendations – also makes it easier than ever for investors to reach their financial goals.

"The partnership between Sharesight and Life Sherpa is great for investors looking for a combination of personal involvement and individual advice on their entire financial affairs," says Life Sherpa Head of Partnerships, Jason Dunn.

"With Sharesight, investors can automatically track the performance of all their investments in one place, making it easy to keep updated tax records and get detailed insights on their portfolio. By connecting Sharesight to Life Sherpa, investors can then take their finances to the next level with personalised financial advice on every aspect of their finances, all from one easy-to-use platform," adds Doug Morris, CEO of Sharesight.

How to connect Sharesight and Life Sherpa

Users can sign up to Sharesight or connect their existing Sharesight account directly from the Life Sherpa dashboard.

To establish the connection, after a Sharesight user has created their Life Sherpa account, they will see a tile on their ‘Basecamp’ page that will prompt them to connect to Sharesight and their existing portfolio or sign up for a new one.

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Connect to Sharesight from Basecamp

Connect Life Sherpa and Sharesight 1

  1. Authorise Life Sherpa to access your Sharesight account (or sign up to Sharesight if you do not already have an account)

  2. Select your portfolio from the drop-down menu

Connect Life Sherpa and Sharesight 2 (3)

  1. Your portfolio summary will appear in Basecamp, where you also have the option to access your Sharesight account.

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 8.58.09 am

Get started with Sharesight and Life Sherpa

If you’re not already using Life Sherpa, sign up for a Platinum Life Sherpa account today and get Sharesight included for free, with unlimited holdings and reporting – plus Life Sherpa’s real-time personalised financial advice on how to manage your debt, savings, retirement, insurance and investments. * Eligible only to new Life Sherpa Platinum customers

Or if you’re a Life Sherpa member looking to get started with Sharesight, sign up for a free Sharesight account to access Sharesight’s award-winning performance, dividend tracking and tax reporting features.


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