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Get Livewire market insights within your portfolio

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Livewire to bring their exclusive insights directly into your portfolio. Livewire aggregates a curated menu of investment ideas and research from Australasia’s top fund managers.

Livewire + Sharesight - Featured

Within Sharesight, you’ll find their feed on the investment-specific holding pages. In addition to the latest commentary, you can access historical research as well. Just click the Livewire News tab and you’re all set. There is no additional cost to access their news.

Get Livewire market insights within your Sharesight portfolioGet Livewire market insights within your Sharesight portfolio

In addition to developing new features for Sharesight, we’re partnering with other products and services to make our offering even more indispensable for you, the investor. By building connections to other like-minded partners we’re becoming a customer-driven investment platform. With Sharesight as your “portfolio passport”, our goal is to offer you an ever-growing slate of complimentary services.