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Tracking the fund managers' picks

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | Jun 9th 2016

At Livewire Live, each Australian fund manager panellist was asked to make a stock pick for the coming year. We've built a Sharesight portfolio with their picks (and the picks from last year). Each buy trade was made the day of their pick and we assumed $10,000 invested in each company inclusive of brokerage costs. All dividends are reinvested.

Tracking the Fund Managers' Picks

Table - Livewire Live Stock Picks 2015-2016

The picks from 2015 have had a full year to perform, and the managers made excellent calls. Total (annualised) return is 32.43%, or a $10,062.31 gain:

2015 Picks - Tracking the Fund Managers’ Picks

We'll keep track of the portfolio's performance versus the STW, which tracks the ASX200. For the whole portfolios, the fund managers have outperformed the benchmark, 11.20% vs. -1.89% over the past 12 months (note: our benchmarking feature assumes that you’d invested equal amounts of money in both for the duration of the reporting period - more on this can be found here).

Portfolio Chart - Tracking the Fund Managers’ Picks

Too early to assess performance on the entire portfolio, but we'll keep track and post periodic performance updates.

Performance - Tracking the Fund Managers’ Picks

Track the Livewire Live portfolio

We've made it easy to track the fund managers' picks. Simply visit our community forum and request to have the portfolio shared within your Sharesight account. New clients, get started by signing-up for a FREE account!

Portfolio updates