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Open Sharesight reports directly in Google Sheets

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | Dec 7th 2015

Following on from our update to provide reports in OpenXML format, we have additionally enabled support for opening reports directly in Google Sheets, where you can edit them online. These documents are automatically stored in your Google Drive account, where you can access them again in future.

Open Sharesight reports directly in Google Sheets - Featured

To open a report directly in Google Sheets, click on the Google Drive icon next to the Excel and PDF icons on all Sharesight reports:

Open Sharesight report in Google Sheets

To use this feature for the first time, you will be prompted to sign in to your Google account and authorise Sharesight to create files in Google Drive. If you have multiple Google accounts, you will be asked to select the Google Drive account in which you wish to open the report:

Select Google account

Click “Allow” to authorise Google to open your report in Google Sheets:

Authorise Google

Your report will then open in Google Sheets , where it will be automatically saved and can be edited directly:

Sharesight report in Google Sheets

Please let us know in the Sharesight forum if you experience any issues or would like to provide feedback!