Sharesight release notes May 2022

Sharesight release notes – May 2022

by Ben Clendon | Jun 15th 2022

Following strong demand from our US user base, the key highlight for May was adding over 24,000 US mutual funds to our ever-expanding dataset of investments.

Release notes April 2022

Sharesight release notes – April 2022

by Scott Ryburn | May 6th 2022

Following strong demand from our UK user base, the key highlight for April was adding support for over 26,000 UK Life and Pension funds.

release notes mar 22

Sharesight release notes – March 2022

by Scott Ryburn | Apr 6th 2022

In March the dev team made a number of important UI improvements, along with new broker support and enhanced functionality for global users.

Sharesight release notes February 2022

Sharesight release notes – February 2022

by Scott Ryburn | Mar 8th 2022

In February our main focus was the launch of our revamped plans and pricing, plus added broker support and other technical enhancements.

Sharesight release notes January

Sharesight release notes – January 2022

by Scott Ryburn | Feb 14th 2022

To kick off 2022 the Sharesight devevelopment team released a number of small improvements, and continued work on some ongoing projects.

Sharesight Release Notes December 2021

Sharesight release notes - December 2021

by Scott Ryburn | Jan 20th 2022

In December our development team released support for an additional Canadian stock exchange, plus continued to expand our international broker support.

Sharesight Release Notes 2021

Every feature Sharesight released in 2021

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jan 16th 2022

In case you have missed any of our monthly release notes, here is a list of every new feature and upgrade released by Sharesight in 2021.

Sharesight Release Notes November 2021

Sharesight release notes - November 2021

by Scott Ryburn | Dec 7th 2021

In November we launched a record number of new API partnerships including Stropro, ProductRex, Diversiview, Stockfox, and Sharesies!

Sharesight Release Notes October 2021

Sharesight release notes - October 2021

by Scott Ryburn | Nov 9th 2021

In October our new Multi-Period Report went live for Expert plan and Pro users. We also shipped a major update to our Interactive Brokers (IB) integration.

Sharesight Release Notes August 2021

Sharesight release notes - August 2021

by Scott Ryburn | Sep 8th 2021

This month we’ve continued to make improvements to the new Multi-Period Report which is currently available to Expert & Pro users with beta features enabled.

Sharesight Release Notes July 2021

Sharesight release notes - July 2021

by Scott Ryburn | Aug 12th 2021

In July, we have been beavering away on a new multi-period performance report, which is now available to Expert plan users who have enabled beta features.

Sharesight Release Notes June 2021

Sharesight release notes - June 2021

by Scott Ryburn | Jul 8th 2021

Once again the product team smashed it out of the park in June, delivering a veritable plethora of features and enhancements to ward off the winter blues.

Sharesight Release Notes May 2021

Sharesight release notes - May 2021

by Scott Ryburn | Jun 8th 2021

May was a bumper month for the product team, highlighted by the release of some important security enhancements allowing you to view all your logged in devices.

Sharesight Release Notes April 2021

Sharesight release notes - April 2021

by Scott Ryburn | May 10th 2021

This month we officially released our new Multi-Currency Valuation Report to all of our Expert plan users. We also added support for three new brokers.

Sharesight Release Notes March 2021

Sharesight release notes - March 2021

by Scott Ryburn | Apr 9th 2021

The most obvious change for users this month will be the shiny new navigation menu on, aside from that here’s what’s new in the app.

Sharesight Release Notes February 2021

Sharesight release notes - February 2021

by David Olsen | Mar 23rd 2021

This month we released our new two factor authentication (2FA) solution. We plan to add an option to trust your device for 30 days in a future release.

Sharesight Release Notes January 2021

Sharesight release notes – January 2021

by Scott Ryburn | Feb 4th 2021

We’ve rolled out some major changes to our infrastructure to ensure that Sharesight continues to be fast and reliable as we continue to scale.

Every Feature 2020

Every feature Sharesight released in 2020

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jan 11th 2021

Throughout 2020, Sharesight released a plethora of updates and new features to improve functionality for our users. Here's the full list.

Release Notes December 2020

Sharesight release notes – December 2020

by Scott Ryburn | Jan 11th 2021

December saw Sharesight make some behind-the-scenes improvements, plus trade confirmation support for a number of Australian and UK brokers.