Sharesight product updates – July 2024

by Ben Clendon, Head of Product, Sharesight | Jul 9th 2024

This month we continued to focus on our broker connections. Seamless integrations are a key part of ensuring the Sharesight experience is as smooth as possible. In addition to our expansion in broker support, we have also started to roll out small UX changes across the onboarding journey. You’ll see an increase in these changes throughout the rest of the year. Finally, we introduced the new holdings page to consolidated views, drawing to a close one of our longer-running technology upgrades.

July 2024 product updates

New functionality / enhancements

  • We now offer payments via AMEX in Britain and the European Union
  • We have switched our billing in European countries from USD to EUR, removing exchange rate conversion fees for our European customers
  • Expanded support to another nine cryptocurrencies, including ONDO, PYTH, PRO, PEPE, SUI, ZRX, OXT, OMG and MEW
  • Improved the functionality on our API transaction history logs, primarily to benefit our partners API developers
  • Rolled out the new holdings page to consolidated views.

Broker import functionality


Track RBC Direct trades with Sharesight

Import RBC Direct Investing trades to Sharesight

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Taxable income report for Australian investors

Taxable income report for Australian investors

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jul 8th 2024

Sharesight's taxable income report is designed to meet the needs of Australian investors filing tax returns for the ATO.

Capital gains tax (CGT) calculator Sharesight

Capital gains tax (CGT) calculator for Australian investors

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Sharesight's Australian capital gains tax calculator is the easiest way to calculate CGT on your investment portfolio. Read more on CGT rates, rules & more.