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Report improvements

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight | Jul 21st 2010

The latest Sharesight update includes some report improvements to both the Performance Report and the Sold Shares Report.

The Performance Report now has an option to specify whether you would like to include or exclude the impact of sold shares in the return calculations. With the 'include sold shares' option unchecked, the report will display the performance of currently held shares only. With the include sold shares option selected the realised gains / losses on sold shares will also be included in the performance calculations.

Report Improvements - Performance Report

The Performance Report can be run over any date range of your choice. The 'price' 'quantity' and 'value' columns display this information as at the end date of the report.

We have also added a date range selector to the Sold Shares Report. The Sold Shares Report shows the total return on any sales that have occurred within the specified date range.