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Sharesight Mobile App - April 2017 update

by Angela Thompson, Sharesight

Following-up on the last update to our mobile app and all the great feedback we received, we’re pleased to announce the Sharesight Mobile App – April 2017 update.

featured - sharesight mobile app 2017-04

What’s new in the Sharesight Mobile App – April 2017 update

Beyond a few bug fixes and numerous styling tweaks to accommodate smaller screen sizes (such as the iPhone 5), here are the two major changes included in this update:

1. Sign-in via Google

Clients have already been signing-up and signing-in to Sharesight using Google for a couple years now. Today’s update extends this time-saving feature to the mobile app as well:

Sharesight Mobile App - 2017-04 - Google sign-in - med

Note that to use this feature you must sign-in to Sharesight using your Google/Gmail email address. If your usual Sharesight login (email) is not your Google/Gmail email address, you may update it by logging-in to Sharesight and navigating to “Account Settings” > “My Details” > “Change Email”.

2. 20 minute delayed pricing for the ASX and NZX

When we launched the Sharesight mobile app in late 2016, we knew that intra-day pricing was the next logical step. So after recently introducing 20 minute delayed pricing on the Sharesight website for ASX and NZX listed shares, we’re pleased to now offer this feature on the mobile app:


Note that you will need to hit the “refresh” icon in order to see the latest prices.

What’s next

This will likely be the last major mobile app update for a little while as we’re buckling-down on our (ever-growing) list of feature and partnership requests. However please continue to share your thoughts on the mobile app via the Sharesight Mobile App forum topic so that we can track and prioritise them accordingly.

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