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Sharesight + myprosperity webinar

by Josh Rodrigues, Manager, Key Partnerships, Sharesight | Sep 26th 2018

Last week, Sharesight joined forces with our newest integration partner, myprosperity, to present our first joint webinar on the 21st century financial experience. Doug Morris (CEO, Sharesight) and Chris Ridd (CEO, myprosperity) discussed the driving forces that are shaping the financial landscape and touched on key topics, including:

  • Demand for a 21st century financial experience
  • The rise of self-directed investing
  • Proliferation of retail-friendly products like ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and LICs (Listed Investment Companies)
  • Pressure on dealer groups and the rise of fee-for-service models/IFAs

With the Royal Commission putting a spotlight on the financial advice industry, and the arrival of robo-advice and DIY models, there is more pressure than ever on advisers to re-think their fee-structures. The ‘new breed’ of financial adviser will need to stay on the front foot, embracing a balanced combination of traditional and DIY models.

Watch the Sharesight + myprosperity webinar

myprosperity is a cloud-based personal wealth platform that makes it easy for accountants and advisers to help their clients get their financial world sorted. myprosperity’s integration with Sharesight allows their clients to view their Sharesight investment portfolios within the myprosperity wealth portal.

You can watch the entirety of the Sharesight + myprosperity webinar here:

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