Sharesight partners with the Australian Shareholders' Association

by Prashant Mohan, Chief Marketing Officer, Sharesight | May 18th 2020

Sharesight is excited to be working with the Australian Shareholders' Association (ASA), an independent not-for-profit organisation that looks after and advocates on behalf of retail shareholders in Australia.

By working with Sharesight, ASA’s members will be able to track all their holdings in one place and take advantage of Sharesight’s investment performance and powerful tax reports, built specifically for the needs of investors in Australia.

Sharesight Australian Shareholders Association

Who is the Australian Shareholders' Association?

Since 1960 the ASA has been protecting and advancing the interests of investors and providing a strong collective voice for shareholders. It does this by advancing the interests of retail shareholders with government, industry, the markets and individual companies - monitoring companies with the aim of improving both financial performance and corporate governance. The ASA has successfully raised the standard of corporate governance in Australian companies and continues to press for improvements in transparency and accountability.

Each year the ASA monitors the performance of Australia’s top 200 ASX-listed companies. The ASA’s company monitoring objective is to positively influence outcomes for retail shareholders. The ASA wants all shareholders to be treated equally and advocates for change where change is due.

Joining hands to empower retail shareholders

ASA CEO John Cowling commented on the Association’s partnership with Sharesight

saying, "ASA members are keen investors on the ASX and the Sharesight portfolio tracker will help them maintain a record of their portfolio. The functionality of the platform allows them to see their gains and losses, dividends paid and coming and keep all the necessary records for the tax man," he added.

"At the Australian Shareholders' Association we stand up for retail shareholders and it is a pleasure to be able to add a new dimension to the service we provide. We will continue building on these strengths and are happy to work with crucial partners like Sharesight to ensure that retail shareholders are empowered and possess the tools they need to successfully manage their investments," Mr. Cowling concluded.

Sharesight users will benefit by having access to ASA’s policy and governance work toward protecting the interests of retail shareholders. Says Sharesight CEO, Doug Morris, "We are excited to work with ASA’s members to bring them the power of Sharesight’s portfolio tracking."

Sharesight and the ASA - empowering investors

Both the ASA and Sharesight share similar values of being investor-centric. With this partnership, we hope to provide more clarity to retail shareholders - on record keeping, performance tracking and tax reporting, as well as provide information on policy and governance on the largest listed companies on the ASX. We are really excited about the potential of this partnership.

Simplify your portfolio tracking with Sharesight

Sharesight was built for investors like you, and makes it easy to keep track of your portfolio. Here’s how:


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