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Sharesight wins "Best Tech" award at Afiniation

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | Sep 29th 2015

Last week we presented alongside 32 other fintech companies at the Afiniation Showcase event in Sydney and won the award for Best Technology. We're thrilled that the hard work and ingenuity of our developers was recognised on such a big stage. Claudio, Felix, Michael, and Thorsten - great job guys!

Afiniation Award - featured

If we could pick one category to be considered for, it would always be technology. We're proud of the fact that we've built Sharesight front the ground up. And we're proud of how we've turned something complicated and painful (portfolio admin) into something that people genuinely enjoy doing on our product.

Congrats to all of the presenters and especially to fellow Wellington-born company Banqer who were named Best in Show. And a big thank you to Afiniation!

View the video that Afiniation has put together of all the winners:

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