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Tip #5 - How to choose industries with good prospects

by Tony Ryburn, Executive Chairman, Sharesight | Jun 11th 2013

Every week we post a tip that we hope will help you become a successful share market investor.

Tip #5 — How to choose industries with good prospects

Some simple high-level thinking will quickly highlight industries with good potential. Here’s a few leading questions to get you thinking. There are plenty of other prospects as well.

  • Will the world suddenly stop wanting the output of the Australian mining industry, or NZ dairy products?
  • What are the implications of our aging population for retirement villages, rest homes, optometrists, dentists and providers of other medical services?
  • Will tourists suddenly stop coming to Australia and NZ in ever increasing numbers?
  • Does our banking industry have a good track record? (Hint: think APRA and the 4 pillars policy)

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