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How to import historical trades

You can bulk import your historical buy and sell trades in to Sharesight by uploading a spreadsheet. Read this help guide for step-by-step instructions on how to bulk import your historical trades.

  1. Log into your Superhero account.

  2. Select 'Reports' (left sidebar).

SuperHero 02

  1. Select 'Custom Period' to cover all trades since inception.

  2. Go to 'Transaction Statement'.

  3. Click on the csv tile to download the file.

SuperHero 3 4 5

  1. Open the file using an Excel Spreadsheet or Google Sheet.

  2. Delete row 1 to 9 leaving only the column header and data.

SuperHero 07

  1. Add the value in GST column (column J) into Brokerage column (column I).

SuperHero 08

  1. Add a new column ‘Market Code’ and fill them with ‘ASX’ for ASX trades; ‘NYSE’ or ‘NASDAQ’ for US trades.

SuperHero 09

  1. Save file as a new file.

  2. Go to our generic file importer.

  3. Select file.

  4. select 'Next' On the Bulk Trade Importer - Column Selection:

How to import new trades

Sharesight supports Superhero using the trade confirmation emails feature. Read more about how to forward your contract notes in this guide.