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Marketech Focus

Marketech Focus

Marketech Focus is the broker platform designed for ASX traders that want more. With real-time price data, market information and innovative trading tools that enable greater control over trading decisions, even on mobile, Marketech gives you the edge you need to make more-informed decisions from pre-open to past the closing bell.

With all stock held on your own individual HIN, cash held in your own Macquarie CMA, low rates of brokerage, no hidden fees and automatic syncing with Sharesight, Marketech delivers more for active ASX investors.

Marketech has been building institutional trading technology for over 20 years. In response to the unfair nature of traditional trading pricing, where frequent traders can spend tens of thousands a year just on fees, Marketech’s pricing model rewards active traders, rather than punishing them.

How we work together

Maximising the value of the Sharesight API, Marketech users need only enter their Sharesight account number in the Marketech platform, then their portfolio will update automatically each day without any need for further action.

Read the official partnership announcement:
Why investors should connect Marketech Focus and Sharesight

How to get started

Marketech is offering a free 2 week test drive of their platform with access to live data to allow Sharesight users to see the benefits for themselves — simply visit the Marketech site to try it for yourself.

Product Shot - Marketech desktop

Product Shot - Marketech app