PocketSmith is personal finance software for all walks of life. Their customers are money adventurers, and PocketSmith is proud to make beautiful tools to help them track their household finances, their way.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, PocketSmith works harder so you’re smarter! Easily organise and categorise your transactions, plan ahead with personalised budgets, forecast up to 30 years into the future, track your net worth, manage multiple currencies and more!

PocketSmith is made with love in New Zealand, and used in over 190 countries. They connect to over 12,000 banks and institutions worldwide.

PocketSmith x Sharesight - desktop

How we work together

PocketSmith connects directly to Sharesight to bring in your portfolio balance automatically. By linking your Sharesight account in PocketSmith, you’ll be able to see daily accurate net worth figures seamlessly.

Perfect for tracking your FIRE date, or whether you need to increase your investment contributions.

PocketSmith is offering all Sharesight users 50% off your first two months of any PocketSmith monthly plan. Claim your offer now.

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