Get net wealth insights with PocketSmith and Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Oct 26th 2021

We are pleased to announce that PocketSmith has integrated with the Sharesight API, creating a seamless solution for investors to track all of their finances in one place. By connecting Sharesight and PocketSmith, investors can automatically import their portfolio balance to a PocketSmith account, giving them a complete picture of their net worth – from transactions, savings and mortgages to the value of their investments in stocks, ETFs, funds, cryptocurrency and more. To learn more about PocketSmith and how investors can benefit from connecting Sharesight and PocketSmith, keep reading.

Sharesight PocketSmith Net Wealth

What is PocketSmith?

Made in New Zealand and used in over 190 countries, PocketSmith is a personal finance software that allows customers to take control of their financial future by automatically tracking their household finances. With PocketSmith, customers can easily organise and categorise their transactions, plan ahead with personalised budgets, forecast up to 30 years into the future, track their net worth, manage multiple currencies and more.


Why has PocketSmith connected to Sharesight?

Connecting with Sharesight was all about creating the best solution to give customers a complete picture of their finances.

"We’re excited that PocketSmith users can now automatically see their Sharesight portfolio balance alongside their other financial information. Having more accurate, up-to-date information can only help people make better money decisions. Like the DIY investors who use Sharesight, PocketSmith is for problem solvers and family CFOs who want to shape their own financial future, and value productivity tools that will help them get there," said Jason Leong, co-founder and CEO of PocketSmith.

Why investors should connect Sharesight and PocketSmith

By connecting Sharesight and PocketSmith, investors can take advantage of PocketSmith’s ability to connect to over 12,000 banks and financial institutions worldwide, automatically recording daily transactions alongside their portfolio balance — no admin or spreadsheets required. Other convenient features (also supported by Sharesight) include the ability to connect to a Xero account, manage multiple currencies and easily share access with an accountant or financial advisor.

"The integration between Sharesight and PocketSmith creates endless possibilities for investors — whether that’s tracking a FIRE date, considering whether to increase their portfolio contributions or simply looking for an accurate daily net worth figure," says Joe Salvati, Director of Partnerships at Sharesight.

"The two softwares go hand-in-hand, creating a seamless solution for investors looking for an easy-to-use, automated method of tracking their finances."

How to connect Sharesight and PocketSmith

Linking your Sharesight account to PocketSmith is simple. All you need to do is search for Sharesight when adding a new connection in your PocketSmith Bank Feeds. The connection will be automatically established and you will have the option to link the Sharesight portfolios of your choice.

For more information on how to connect your Sharesight and PocketSmith accounts, view our guide on how to sync your Sharesight portfolio value with PocketSmith.

Get started with PocketSmith (and Sharesight) today

PocketSmith is offering all Sharesight users 50% off their first two months of any PocketSmith Premium or Super plan.

To get started tracking your finances including your portfolio balance, simply sign up for a PocketSmith account and link your Sharesight account along with your other financial accounts.

If you’re a PocketSmith user wanting to get started with Sharesight, sign up for a free account today – to get started.


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