Announcing a new partner — Six Park

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | Nov 25th 2016

We’re pleased to announce that Six Park has chosen Sharesight to power their globally diversified, professionally managed portfolio service. The Sharesight API and interface will assist in offering their clients our award-winning investment reporting.

featured - six park + sharesight

Six Park is an automated investment management service (frequently referred to as a “robo-advisor"), that is differentiated by the experience and calibre of its active Advisory Board. They provide a low-cost, diversified approach to investing by using ETFs. Their philosophy centres on not trying to pick stocks or time the market, but rather on the Modern Portfolio Theory to automatically manage client portfolios. It’s telling that the people who founded the company originally come from the lofty world of institutional finance - they now how financial products are packaged and can combine their experience with technology to provide a low-cost investment strategy for just about anyone.

Six Park will also make use of the Sharesight API to enhance their own client interface. This is a terrific example of what’s possible when developers use Sharesight as a platform.

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Roboadvice continues to gain momentum around the world. Even if you prefer to manage your own portfolio, it’s certainly a positive development that millions of previously unadvised people now have access to low cost, online financial advice.


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