Announcing a new partner — Macrovue

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | Dec 12th 2016

We’re excited to announce that Macrovue has partnered with Sharesight to offer their clients enhanced performance and tax reporting.

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Macrovue is a next-generation online brokerage that makes it easy for Australians to invest in international shares through thematic portfolios of stocks called Vues. Their goal is to make the stock market borderless and accessible to everyone.

The investment team at Macrovue selects stocks that reflect an investment theme, market insight or innovative trend. Currently available Vues range from the traditional (Warren Buffett's Top Ten) to the new (The Internet of Things and Car of the Future).

Most of their Vues have been running for over 2 years and have generated impressive results. Here’s a look at five top performing Vues:

Vues Inception Since Inception1 1 Year 6 Months
Entertainment 1-Jul-14 22.29% 11.66% 3.67%
Clean Tech 1-Jul-14 17.43% 15.51% 7.88%
Tech Stars 1-Jul-14 18.38% 2.12% 2.25%
India 7-Apr-16 21.10% N/A 9.75%
Alcohol & Tobacco 1-Jul-14 17.33% 4.39% -8.64%

As of 5 December 2016

1Annualised performance where applicable

Additionally, investors can modify Vues to their liking, create their own, and use Macrovue as a traditional online broker to buy and sell securities. We like this approach because it’s not prescriptive and puts the investor in the driver’s seat.

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Macrovue uses the Sharesight API to track their in-house Vues and to power the performance and tax reporting of the client-facing dashboard. Connecting our software development teams has enabled Macrovue to create a bespoke solution and keep control of the client experience. This is another terrific example of Sharesight as a platform.

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We’re proud to partner with Macrovue. They’re a first rate example of the kind of talent emerging in the Australian fintech space.


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