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Announcing Sharesight Public Portfolios

by Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight | May 29th 2017
UPDATE (31-05-2019): This feature is no longer publicly available. If you would like to build your own public portfolio, check out the Sharesight API.

So much of what makes Sharesight a great product is based on visibility -- whether it’s visibility across your investments, or visibility across your client base.

We create visibility by offering bottoms-up performance and tax reporting in a cloud-based product with an intuitive interface.

featured - sharesight public portfolios

Today we’re taking this to the next level. Sharesight Public Portfolios is a new feature that we’ll be rolling out in phases. Essentially it allows for public access to a portfolio -- Sharesight-lite, if you will. We’re brainstorming ways to offer Public Portfolios to our entire client base, but to give you a sneak preview here’s a Public Portfolio based one of my real portfolios:

screenshot - sharesight public portfolio

Our plan is to use Public Portfolios to convey investment themes in our own content, and then begin working with key partners to help them broadcast their own portfolios. An example might be a research house running a model portfolio, a stockpicker publicising their views, a roboadviser conveying the effectiveness of their asset allocation, or a financial publication tracking a handful of stocks.

In fact, our launch partner for Public Portfolios is The Telegraph newspaper, in the UK.

Their Business section has included insightful stock commentary for decades and features the popular Questor portfolio. Their journalists have rebuilt the Questor portfolio, including its history, in Sharesight and will make it available to their readers as a Public Portfolio. From there, readers will be able to sign-up for a free Sharesight account and begin to track their own portfolio(s) and gain access to easy-to-understand performance and tax reports.

“Seeing is believing” and our hope is that investors everywhere benefit from the Public Portfolio feature. If you’d like to leverage a Public Portfolio for yourself, or have more questions, please get in touch.