Announcing the NZSA Share Game 2019

by Martin Dowse, NZSA Wellington Branch Chair | Mar 27th 2019

The New Zealand Shareholder Association are excited to announce the inaugural NZSA Share Game. This online share picking competition will leverage Sharesight at the back end to track the performance of the members’ virtual portfolios. It will be a lot of fun and there will be prizes for the portfolios that do the best and other notable performers along the way.

Featured - NZSA Share Game 2019

NZSA Share Game rules

The rules of the game are pretty simple -- you pay $20 of real money to register and for that you get $10,000 of virtual cash you can use it to "buy" shares listed on the NZX. Each buy or sell will cost you $30 of your virtual cash for brokerage and the winner is the portfolio that is worth the most (cash plus value of shares) at 6pm on 31 March 2020. Net dividends will be credited to your virtual cash account on their payment date.

How you trade is up to you. You can do nothing and leave it all as cash, buy an index, trade like a maniac, or any strategy you like. There are no limits other than the amount of virtual cash you have left to play with and it will be fascinating to see which strategies work the best.

NZSA Share Game 2019 - 1

NZSA Share Game 2019 - 2

NZSA Share Game 2019 - 3

To make it easy to use, we provide a personal home page where you buy and sell shares and Sharesight have provided unlimited free portfolios which the Share Game uses to track the buys and sells and the performance of each portfolio. Your home page has a link to your Sharesight portfolio so you can use Sharesight to monitor and report your holdings and use the Share Checker for investments you are considering. Your home page also has a link to the Leaderboard which shows how all the portfolios are doing -- don't worry we don't show names, just numbers!

More information and how to get started

  • The competition is open to all NZSA members. If you are not an NZSA member, you may purchase an annual membership when you register for the competition. Annual memberships are NZ $145.00 and include many great benefits.

  • You can play from a laptop, tablet or phone.

  • The 2019 game runs from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020.

  • For detailed instructions and to register, visit


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