Aussie Firebug podcast interview with Sharesight CEO

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager — Content/SEO, Sharesight | Jan 23rd 2019

Sharesight user and FIRE investing advocate Aussie Firebug spoke with Sharesight CEO Doug Morris on the Aussie Firebug podcast about the importance of tracking your investment performance and tax implications as a FIRE investor, and how Sharesight’s Free plan for investors with under 10 holdings is the perfect tool to use on your FIRE journey.

Aussie firebug sharesight FIRE

What is the FIRE investment movement?

FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) is an investment movement with the goal of building sufficient wealth to be able to afford to live from the income generated by your investments alone, opening up the option to retire early.

At its core, FIRE places a heavy emphasis on setting an aggressive rate of savings, preferably as early in your life as possible (start as soon as you earn income, with the aim to have the option to retire in your 30s). By saving aggressively, and investing those savings, compounded investment returns result can rapidly increase your capital wealth to the point where the interest/return/dividends from your investments are sufficient to cover your living expenses in perpetuity.

Listen to the Aussie Firebug Podcast with Sharesight

This episode of the Aussie Firebug podcast featuring Sharesight’s Doug Morris covers:

  • How Sharesight tracks your investment performance as a FIRE investor

  • Sharesight’s built in tax reports that make lodging your tax return easy

  • How to use Sharesight’s historic (20+ years) of investment data to quickly see how a theoretical FIRE portfolio would have performed

  • ...and much more!

Listen below on Soundcloud, via Apple Podcasts, or Spotify.

FIRE investors love Sharesight

Are you a FIRE investor? Join the growing number of FIRE investors who use Sharesight to track their investment performance and easily complete their tax returns, including the impact of franking credits, DRP (dividend reinvestment plans) and share splits.

Sharesight is FREE for users with under 10 holdings. Sign up today and try it for yourself.


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