CMC Markets Stockbroking Pro Platform Launch

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | Oct 16th 2015

We were lucky to be invited to the CMC Markets Stockbroking Pro Platform event launch last night. Held on the top-level of the Museum of Contemporary Art and overlooking Sydney's iconic harbour, it was the perfect setting to reveal Australia's next generation share trading platform.

CMC Markets Stockbroking Pro Platform Launch - Featured

As Andy Rogers, Director of Stockbroking explained, the new Pro Platform is Australia's first HTML5 trading platform. This is a big deal because it leverages cutting-edge technology that is lightning-fast and doesn't require any special plugins to run. (If you've ever suffered through the latest Flash installation, you'll appreciate what we're talking about.)

Being a tech company, we know how stressful it can be to perform a live demo, but Head of Product Development Ryan O'Doherty pulled it off without a hitch. He showcased the power of the HTML5-driven platform by demonstrating how easy it is group, resize, and drag & drop content to suit your particular trading needs. With 95 technical indicators and 35 drawing tools, this is the first time this level of charting power has been available for Australian retail traders. And with close to 100 possible customizations, the new Pro Platform makes it quick and easy to monitor the market. Add to that embedded investing research from Morningstar, Reuters and theScreener and you've got a very powerful trading platform, which as The Australian put it, will help investors to "sort the signal from the noise".

CMC Pro Platform Launch CMC Head of Product Development Ryan O'Doherty, demonstrating the new CMC Pro Platform

Typical brokers outsource their development so it's refreshing to see CMC Markets Stockbroking doing their own development and building such a cutting-edge trading platform for the Australian market. From our perspective, we were blown away by its speed, as historical graphs were loaded and resized at the blink of an eye. We were also impressed to learn that it runs on no less than 28 APIs! That's exactly the kind of connected ecosystem that many (including Malcolm Turnbull) believe to be the key to future growth and innovation - not just in fintech but for all tech-based industries. Speaking of tech, it was pretty neat to see the Pro Platform stations throughout the space, which allowed investors to have a play with the new platform right then and there:

CMC Pro Platform Launch Testing-out the new CMC Pro Platform

We love CMC Markets Stockbroking. Like Sharesight, they're focused on providing an innovative service at a fair price. They were our first brokerage partner and we continue to be great mates today. And while our Trade Confirmation Emails forwarding feature is nice, our API connection is what really sets our partnership apart. That's because when you trade with CMC Markets Stockbroking, your trades are automatically sent to Sharesight within seconds. All CMC Markets Stockbroking clients can leverage this feature, but Premium Traders (who place at least 30 trades per month) have the added bonus of getting a Sharesight Investor plan for no cost, meaning they can access to up to three portfolios with unlimited holdings and trades on Sharesight as part of their CMC Markets Stockbroking package. If cutting-edge technology and low-cost trading & tracking is important to you, then we highly recommend checking them out.

For more information, visit the CMC Markets Stockbroking and CMC Markets Stockbroking Pro Platform webpages.

Thanks to CMC Markets Stockbroking for inviting us along to the launch of their innovative Pro Platform!

CMC Pro Platform Launch Sharesight's Angela Thompson & Vanessa Gorman, enjoying the view before the CMC Pro Platform launch


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