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Get The Motley Fool Singapore insights in Sharesight

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager - Content/SEO, Sharesight
Update November 8 2019: Unfortunately due to The Motley Fool Singapore closing we have had to depreciate this news feed in Sharesight. Here are the research and financial news partners currently integrated in to Sharesight.

Investors can now access insights from The Motley Fool Singapore directly within Sharesight for stocks listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). This means that whenever you’re looking at a holding listed on the SGX you will always have the latest Motley Fool news for that stock visible, making it easy to decide whether to buy, hold or sell.

Get The Motley Fool Singapore insights in Sharesight

How to access Motley Fool insights in Sharesight

For any stock listed on the SGX, once the stock has been added to your portfolio, you will see the latest Motley Fool news for that stock when viewing the holding in Sharesight. Clicking the links will take you to the Motley Fool site to read more. Below we see the latest news for Singapore Airlines:

Motley Fool News Singapore Sharesight

Get insights on ASX stocks in Sharesight

Investors using Sharesight can also access insights from our partners at Livewire and Firstlinks on ASX listed stocks the same way. Below is the latest news for Charter Hall Group:

Stock news Sharesight

Be an informed investor with Sharesight

Sharesight not only helps you access the latest news and insights to make informed decisions, with Sharesight you can:

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