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How to get the most out of Sharesight’s tracking features

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager — Content/SEO, Sharesight | Jun 16th 2020

Sharesight allows investors around the world to track their portfolio performance and help calculate the tax implications of investing. But with so many features, where do investors start? For most, their journey begins with Sharesight’s Portfolio Overview page, but there’s so much more.

Here are the Sharesight portfolio performance tracking features investors need to know about:

Sharesight’s Portfolio Overview page

One of the first things most investors see when they log into Sharesight is the Portfolio Overview Page, and unsurprisingly this page is the most viewed as it provides an ‘at a glance’ look at portfolio performance.

Sharesight Portfolio Overview Page

When it comes to tracking portfolio performance, the Overview Page has a number of key features:

Date Filters

Date range options to filter performance using a list of common date ranges such as "since first purchase" or “in the last 6 months”.

Performance graphs

A number of different portfolio performance graphs including:

Graph Growth: Dollar gains by sub-period.

Portfolio performance graph - growth

Graph Value -- Stacked: Portfolio value over time, stacked by report grouping eg: market, sector, industry or even your own Custom Groups.

Portfolio performance graph - stacked

Graph Value -- Lines: Portfolio value for each report grouping.

Portfolio performance graph - lines

Graph Performance Index**:** Performance of opened and closed positions indexed to the start of the period specified in the date filter.

Portfolio performance graph - performance index

Portfolio performance

See portfolio performance broken down by capital gain, dividend/distribution income, currency gain and total return.

portfolio performance snapshot

Portfolio benchmarking

Benchmark portfolio performance against any of the 37,000 stocks, ETFs, mutual/managed funds or unit trusts that Sharesight tracks.

For example, the image below shows the performance of a Sharesight portfolio versus an ASX200 index-tracking ETF (STW.ASX), when selected this benchmark will also appear in the performance graphs above (where relevant).

Portfolio benchmarking

For more insights on how to get the most of the Portfolio Overview page watch this webinar recording where Sharesight’s Emily Grunberg takes you through all of the options available to you.

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Performance Report

Sharesight’s Performance Report allows investors to calculate portfolio performance over any date range, opening up additional possibilities over the preset date range filters available on the Portfolio Overview page.

Additionally with the Performance Report it’s possible to specify whether to include only open, or open and closed (sold) positions, view performance broken down by Sharesight groupings (or Custom Groups), as well as filter the report using labels.

Sharesight performance report

Here the Performance Report shows the advanced custom date filters available as well as the performance of a portfolio broken down by sector classification.

Embedded content: Watch this video for a deeper dive into the Sharesight Performance Report

Diversity Report

Sharesight’s Diversity Report allows investors to track portfolio diversity as at any date (in the past, or present).

When running the report, it’s possible to view portfolio diversity using any of the six industry classification groupings: market, sector, industry, investment type, country or no grouping at all. Additionally investors can classify investments using Sharesight’s Custom Groups feature based on any criteria specified.

Sharesight custom groups

Custom Groups showing an example custom allocation groupings for use in the Diversity Report.

By specifying Custom Groups like the above, investors can assess how a portfolio is tracking against an asset allocation target by running the Diversity Report, then take action and rebalance the portfolio to meet the target.

Asset allocation

Sharesight’s Diversity Report, organised by the Custom Groups shown above.

Make sure to read our guide on ‘How to track your asset allocation strategy in Sharesight’ to make the most of the Diversity Report.

Contribution Analysis Report

The Diversity Report gives investors an insight into how a portfolio is tracking towards a specific asset allocation, but with Sharesight’s Contribution Analysis Report it’s possible to track which asset classes are contributing the most towards a portfolio’s performance.

Like the Performance Report, the Contribution Analysis Report can calculate portfolio performance over any date range, as well as break down performance across any of the Sharesight groupings or Custom Groups selected.

Contribution Analysis Report - Market

Sharesight’s Contribution Analysis Report, broken down by market.

Export any Sharesight report

All of Sharesight’s reports can be exported to Excel, Google Sheets or in Adobe PDF format to perform additional calculations or as part of an investor’s record keeping requirements.

This is as simple as clicking on the icon of the desired format to export on the upper right-hand side of any report in Sharesight.

Export Sharesight reports

How Sharesight’s CEO tracks his portfolio performance

The above tools are only a subset of the many features Sharesight offers investors to track their performance.

For even more tips, watch Sharesight CEO Doug Morris walk through how he uses Sharesight reports to track his own portfolio’s performance in the following webinar recording.

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Join over 100,000 investors tracking their performance with Sharesight

If you’re not already a Sharesight user, what are you waiting for? Sign up now it’s free to join, and with Sharesight you’ll get access to:

Sign up for a FREE Sharesight account and get started tracking your investment performance (and tax) today.


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