How InstructAnt improved client service with Sharesight and AdviserLogic

by Diana Ioppolo, Content writer | Sep 21st 2023

InstructAnt is a small accounting and financial planning firm that works with a range of clients, with many in the pre-retirement phase of life.

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Founder Andrew Perkins uses AdviserLogic across the accounting and advisory parts of the business but was frustrated by limitations around updating client portfolio information. He had to search for past transaction details and then manually enter these into the system to get the information he needed to talk to clients. Without this manual work, Andrew lacked visibility on key information, such as the original cost base for investments or how much income was generated.

“As a small firm, we have limited support staff, so any opportunity to get automatic data feeds and avoid manual re-work is a win for us,” said Andrew.

Thanks to Sharesight’s API integration with AdviserLogic, Andrew has now introduced many of his clients to Sharesight. Information such as investment balances, income generated, and corporate actions are automatically updated and readily available when Andrew and his clients need it.

The data feeds and access to real-time information have improved client service across the business. For example, within the advisory business, benchmarking is easier as Andrew can readily show clients how their portfolio is performing over time against any other investment or index. For the accounting side of the business, Andrew has access to key information, including cost-based adjustments, original cost transactions, and distributions.

“Sharesight helps me have better conversations with my clients. I can see up-to-date portfolio returns and corporate actions data and highlight performance over time or against other investments. It’s helped solve problems I faced across both the accounting and advisory side of the business, and I’m really happy with how it works.”

— Andrew Perkins, Founder, InstructAnt

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