Introducing 20 minute delayed pricing for ASX holdings

by Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sharesight | Apr 11th 2017

Today we’re pleased to announce 20 minute delayed pricing for holdings listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). This follows the release of 20 minute delayed pricing for NZX-listed holdings a couple months ago -- a highly-requested feature that has been well received by Kiwi investors. Today’s announcement extends this functionality to investors tracking ASX-listed holdings as well.

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How 20 minute delayed pricing works

20 minute delayed pricing has been automatically enabled for all ASX and NZX listed holdings. This means the performance and valuations you see on Sharesight are updated throughout the day on a 20 minute delayed basis. This also means that the add holding, add/edit trades and Share Checker screens now display the latest intraday price we have available.

screenshot 20-minute-delayed-pricing-asx

A few things to keep in mind

  • The new price data is technically “live” albeit on a 20 minute delayed basis. This means that we receive price updates on a real-time basis. If you own a stock that trades multiple times within a 20 minute period, you will see the updated prices on Sharesight only when you load or refresh a page.
  • We’re sourcing our ASX pricing data from the Cboe market. While all ASX-listed stocks may be traded on the Cboe market, some low-volume stocks may not have a trading presence on the Cboe and therefore you may find that some of your holdings’ prices are not updated during the day, and will be updated at the close of trading each day as per normal.
  • We haven’t updated the UI (user interface) to reflect the change at this stage, so please keep this in mind when comparing ASX and NZX listed holdings to those listed on other exchanges.
  • 20 minute delayed pricing is currently only available for the Sharesight website, but it will be available for the Sharesight Mobile App in an upcoming release.

For the latest live-pricing updates, follow our Community Forum, and please continue to share your feedback as it helps us decide what to work on next!


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