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2017 stock picking competition — October update

by Doug Morris | Oct 30th 2017

Three quarters are in the books for our stock picking competition. See who's in the lead so far: Sharesight customers, Livewire readers, or the Fund Managers.

Sharesight20 October ASX trading snapshot
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Sharesight20 October trading snapshot

by David Olsen | Oct 27th 2017

Today we launch the Sharesight20 monthly trading snapshot, the top 20 trades on the ASX and NZX markets by the Sharesight userbase during the current month.

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Run your tax reports before ATO’s October 31 deadline

by Angela Thompson | Oct 27th 2017

There's still time to run your investment portfolio tax reports before the ATO’s October 31 do-it-yourself return deadline.

Buy and Hold Bull Market
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5 Reasons why buy and hold investors use Sharesight

by Doug Morris | Oct 24th 2017

If you’re a buy and hold investor, an active trader, or even a professional wealth manager, Sharesight has features for you.

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Say yes to investment diversity Australia

by Matthew Leibowitz | Oct 22nd 2017

Technology forward platforms now offer a place for self-directed investors to diversify their holdings into a world of opportunity.

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Get weekly Sharesight20 ASX & NZX trading snapshots

by David Olsen | Oct 17th 2017

The Sharesight20 trading snapshot is a weekly update of the top 20 shares traded by the Sharesight userbase on a particular market over the past 7 days.

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Investors need to break these 3 bad habits once and for all

by Doug Morris | Aug 17th 2017

Investors and finance professionals need to break these 3 bad habits when it comes to managing their investment portfolio.

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Stop using investment watchlists to track your portfolio

by Doug Morris | Aug 10th 2017

It's not the 1990s anymore, it’s time to stop using an investment watchlist to track shares in your investment portfolio.

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SMSF unbundling — how much can it save you in 2017?

by David Olsen | Aug 8th 2017

Let’s see how much an SMSF trustee with a $500,000 portfolio can save by unbundling their self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) solution.

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Livewire Live 2017 — Free Digital Pass offer

by David Olsen | Aug 4th 2017

Sharesight partner Livewire is giving the first 50 Sharesight users to sign up a 100% discount on their Livewire Live 2017 Digital Pass.

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2017 stock picking competition — July update

by Doug Morris | Jul 21st 2017

We’re at the halfway point of our stock picking competition. See who's in the lead so far: Sharesight customers, Livewire readers, or the Fund Managers.

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Top 3 Australian investor trends in 2017

by David Olsen | Jul 18th 2017

Sharesight has reviewed the 2017 ASX’s Australian Share Ownership Study and identified three key trends that have emerged in the last 5 years.