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Crypto tax

Crypto tax: What Australian investors need to know

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jun 8th 2023

Cryptocurrency is an increasingly popular asset for investors, but with this comes the need to understand what crypto trading means for your tax obligations.

Calculating capital gains tax on shares in NZ

Calculating taxable gains on share trading in New Zealand

by David Olsen | Jun 1st 2023

While no general capital gains tax applies in New Zealand, a tax on gains made may apply to NZ investors who trade in equity or foreign debt investments.

Leveraged Investment

What is leveraged investment?

by Stephanie Stefanovic | May 18th 2023

Before investing with leverage, investors should consider their investment goals, risk tolerance, market conditions and liquidity. Keep reading to learn more.

Explaining ESOP disclosure exemptions

What are the new Employee Share Option Plan disclosure exemptions?

by Zoe Mahon | May 10th 2023

Since October 2022, new Employee Share Option Plan rules are in place, making it easier for startups to manage their ESOPs.

Teaching kids about investing (1)

How to teach your kids about investing

by Prashant Mohan | Apr 13th 2023

This blog discusses simple ways to explain investing to your kids, plus hands-on strategies to give your kids safe and practical investing experience.

Explaining liquidity 2 (1)

What does liquidity mean in investment?

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Apr 5th 2023

In investment terms, liquidity refers to how quickly an investor can get their money back should they require it. To learn more, keep reading.

Explaining debt recycling-1

What is debt recycling and how does it work?

by Justin Brink | Mar 19th 2023

Debt recycling is a process that can potentially make you more money by turning non-deductible debt into deductible debt. How does it work? Keep reading.

Explaining fixed income funds 1

Types of fixed income funds

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Mar 12th 2023

Fixed income funds are one option for investors looking for a steady income stream with less risk than individual stocks. Keep reading to learn more.

Cost base per share vs. average purchase price

Cost base per share vs. average purchase price

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Feb 26th 2023

We explain what the 'average purchase price' of an investment is, how it’s calculated and how it differs from an investment’s cost base per share.

3 reasons why investors love Sharesight-2 (1)

3 reasons why investors love Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Feb 19th 2023

We polled 100 Sharesight users on their experience with our platform. In this blog, we reveal what they had to say, plus 3 reasons investors love Sharesight.

Top blogs of 2022

Sharesight's top 10 investing blogs of 2022

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jan 23rd 2023

We revisit some of the our most popular blogs of 2022, with everything from tax guides for investors to explainer articles on dividends and DRPs.

What is spread in trading

What is the spread in trading?

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Dec 15th 2022

‘Spread’ can have several meanings in investing, but it generally refers to the difference between two prices, rates or yields. Keep reading to learn more.