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Sharesight lunch and learn session at Morningstar investor conference

Morningstar's 2022 Individual Investor Conference: Key takeaways

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Oct 26th 2022

We highlight some takeaways from Morningstar's 2022 Conference for Individual Investors, where investors had the opportunity to hear from industry experts.

Active vs. passive investing-2

Active vs. passive investing

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Oct 19th 2022

What are the differences between active and passive investing, and does one offer a higher guarantee of success than the other? Keep reading to learn more.

ETFs vs. stocks

ETFs vs. stocks

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Oct 13th 2022

Stocks and ETFs can both be a valuable addition to an investor’s portfolio, however it’s important to understand the pros and cons of these two asset types.

Constructing a diversified portfolio

Investment strategy: Portfolio construction and diversification

by Apoorva Pokharna | Oct 10th 2022

In this second video of our series "Investment Technology Journey for Self-directed Investors", we explain what a diversified portfolio might look like.

Understanding the market Investor-Tech

Understanding the market: Investment research, advice and analysis

by Apoorva Pokharna | Sep 28th 2022

Along with some of our partners, we discuss current market conditions and how technology can assist investors in making more informed and strategic decisions.

What is impact investing

What is impact investing?

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Sep 19th 2022

Impact investing is an increasingly popular trend that allows investors to make a positive social and environmental impact through their investments.

navigating market volatility

How to navigate market volatility with Sharesight and Stockfox

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Aug 23rd 2022

Learn how to navigate volatile markets by connecting Sharesight's portfolio tracker with share market advice app, Stockfox.

Creating a balanced share portfolio

How to create a balanced share portfolio

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Aug 15th 2022

A balanced investment portfolio strikes a balance between risk and return. Keep reading to learn how to balance your portfolio, plus some of the benefits.

Tracking your portfolio in a market correction2

Market corrections: Tracking your portfolio when stocks are down

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Aug 10th 2022

We look at the impact of the 2022 market correction on Australian investors' assets, using data from our partner Otivo, as well as from Sharesight's userbase.


Volatile markets: 3 mistakes investors should avoid

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jul 29th 2022

Volatile markets may make investors nervous, but they can also create lucrative opportunities for savvy investors, provided they avoid a few common pitfalls.

+-dividend reinvestment plans

The pros and cons of dividend reinvestment plans

by Sam Hando | Jul 25th 2022

To DRP, or not to DRP: that is the question. Find out the various pros and cons of partaking in dividend reinvestment plans (also known as DRPs or DRIPs).

Calculating portfolio turnover (1)

How to calculate portfolio turnover

by Prashant Mohan | Jul 14th 2022

By calculating the portfolio turnover ratio for your investments, you can get insight into your investment strategy and the profitability of your portfolio.