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+-dividend reinvestment plans
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The pros and cons of dividend reinvestment plans

by Sam Hando | Jul 25th 2022

To DRP, or not to DRP: that is the question. Find out the various pros and cons of partaking in dividend reinvestment plans (also known as DRPs or DRIPs).

Calculating portfolio turnover (1)
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How to calculate portfolio turnover

by Prashant Mohan | Jul 14th 2022

By calculating the portfolio turnover ratio for your investments, you can get insight into your investment strategy and the profitability of your portfolio.

Sharesight Pearler Leveraging market volatility
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Leveraging volatility for better investment decisions

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jun 16th 2022

In this webinar, Sharesight and Pearler discuss how investors can navigate a volatile market while still reaching their financial goals.

Mutual funds vs. ETFs in the USA - what's the difference?
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Mutual funds vs. ETFs in the US

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jun 16th 2022

In this blog we explore the differences between mutual funds and ETFs, and what you need to look out for if you’re a US investor.

What is a Mutual Fund & How do they work
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What is a mutual fund?

by Stephanie Stefanovic | May 27th 2022

Mutual funds can be a low-maintenance investment with potential for high returns. To learn more about the pros and cons of this investment type, keep reading.

What-s driving investors (1)
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What’s driving investors: Mind or emotions?

by Dr Laura Rusu | May 2nd 2022

Diversiview analyses Australian investors’ preferences in Q1 2022, with an emphasis on the risks and performance of the Top 20 preferred ASX securities.

modern portfolio theory (1)
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What is Modern Portfolio Theory?

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Apr 21st 2022

To learn more about Modern Portfolio Theory and whether you should consider this investing strategy for your portfolio, keep reading.

Ex-dividend dates and their impact explained_Sharesight
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What is an ex-dividend date?

by Angela Thompson | Mar 24th 2022

If you own any dividend paying stocks, it’s important to understand what ex-dividend dates are and how they might shape your personal investing strategy.

mergers (1)
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How mergers and acquisitions affect your investment performance

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Feb 24th 2022

Sharesight makes it easy for investors to track mergers in their portfolio, simplifying CGT calculations and giving them the full picture of their performance.

Optimise diversification Diversiview Sharesight
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How investors can optimise diversification using AI and technology

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Feb 2nd 2022

Sharesight and Diversiview LENSELL discuss how investors and financial advisors can optimise diversification, improve portfolio performance and mitigate risk.

Stock Market Volatility 2022
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Experts weigh in on market volatility for 2022

by David Olsen | Jan 24th 2022

We speak to seven experts in the Australian investing market to find out the key trends investors need to look out for in 2022.

Evaluate a stock
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How to evaluate a stock

by Angela Thompson | Dec 12th 2021

Investing in share markets may be easier than ever, but evaluating which shares to buy still takes some skill. Keep reading to learn how to evaluate a stock.